Deserted Island Personality Quiz

You’re about ot be dropped off on a deserted island. Take a look at the list of items below and on a piece of paper jot down only 10 of the things listed. Each choice indicates something about you. After choosing your 10 items read on to see what your choice means!
(*NOTE: This is not what you need, this is what you want.)

Pick 10 of these before you scroll down:

Bottle of Water
Bowl of Fruit
Cordless Phone
First-Aid Kit
Genie Lamp
Sun Tan Lotion
Treasure Chest
Tropical Punch

Balloon- Although you’re very creative you need to stop spending so much time dreaming.

Bikini- Showing off is your favorite activity because you’re a total extrovert who loves to be the center of attention. Try not to let your wild way overshadow your quieter buds.

Boat- This is a sign of a prosperous future. Boats can be found in calm or stormy water, both of which are on the horizon for you.

Bottle of Water- The waters of love will never run dry for you. You’ve got every reason to be positive about your future. Life definitley appears rosy.

Bowl of Fruit- A great listener, you love to lend a sympathetic ear and you find it easy to show your emotions. Remember to occasionally put your own feelings first sometimes.

Camera- Much of your time is spent reflecting on what others think of you.Don’t dwell on the past so much.

Candles- This is a symbol of very good health. In fact all aspects of your life will be healthy, from the meag amounts of cash you’ll receive to the fab love life you’ll create.

Cat- A great omen. This indicates you’ll be purr-fectly happy in your future, and will have loads of luck, especially where cash in concerned.

Clock- Your totally obsessive about time and tend to worry about things way too much.

Compass- Leadership is your strongest quality, and your pals rely on your for your organiztional skills. Just make sure they dont take advantage of you.

Cordless Phone- You love nothing more than getting the lowdown on some good gossip. Making people laugh is your ultimate goal-just make sure you’re taken seriously when you want to be.

Crown- Your friends know you’ll always say yes to a party… even when you’re not invited! That’s ok though because you should never underestimate your bluffing ability.

Cupcake- Symbols of food usually indicates that you’re a person that lives life to teh fullest and enjoys every minute of it.

Fire- Your short fuse needs to be kept under control, cause even thoughyou try hard to curb your temper, now and then you lose it… learn to chill out a little more!

First Aid Kit- Your practical nature is invaluable to your friends, whose problems you spend so much of your energy sorting out. Don’t forget to take some time to do things for yourself.

Flashlight- No matter what you always look on the bright side. Your opomism will you see through all teh good and bad times you encounter.

Flip Flops- You’re a major trend setter who just can’t get enough of the style scene. You also have a bad habit of breaking dates and letting people down.

Genie Lamp- This spiritual object symbolizes psychic potential.

Hat- Even though you definitely prefer the shade, you’ll soon end up stealing the limelight, and loving every minute of it. Cast your shyness aside and live it up a little bit!

Key- You’re deep and intelligent who is constantly searching for stimulating, new activities. Make sure you let your hair down sometimes.

Lip Stick- You’re usually quite happy with the way you look, but you’ve been known to get obsessed with your image.

Map- You plan every aspect of you life well in advance. You don’t cope well with change or spontaneous decisions.

Mirror- On a good day, your friends would describe you as tactful. On a bad day you can seem twofaced. Remember to THINK before you SPEAK.

Scissors- In teh next few months you’ll have a difficult decision to make. Think of all your options carefully, but don’t fret. You’ll make the right choice.

Shower- Untrue words never escape from your mouth. Tell little white lies sometimes, it’s okay to be tactful.

Sun Tan Lotion- Like a bottle of sunscreen you’re around to protect people.

Treasure Chest- Your buds know you love the good things in life and you’ll object if you dont get your own way.

Tropical Punch- You’re a serious partyer who needs constant distractions to stay entertained and interested. Don’t expect your quieter friends to keep up.

Umbrella- Total loyalty is what you stand for and your buds know that you’d never let them down. Try not to guiilt-trip them if they’re not as devoted as you.

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