What Kind of Dragon are You?

your dragon self (stunning pics and detailed results)

You Are A Copper Dragon, you live in sandy deserts and other arid places, because you only like your cave warm(and cozy!). You are peaceful and friendly. You like to talk to those that you cross and tell stories and riddles. You are a little greedy over your treasure, but a noble creature in it all. You like hunting, and apreciate long silent hunts. You can breath sleeping gas, acid, and a gas that scares enemies off.stone:citrinquote: “They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts. ” from Sir Philip Sidneyyou control: sand
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2 thoughts on “What Kind of Dragon are You?”

  1. Sweet! I’m evil
    You Are A Black Dragon,you live in recluded mountains or marshes, occasionnaly in deeps forests. You are very smart, and you rather use your brains before attacking. You rarely speak to humans, but when you do, you speak perfectly any language. You are very good at occult arts and often use magic. You would rather have nothing to do with humans, but will be of great help if you do. You are very fierce about the violation of you territory. Unfortunatly, you are quite unstable, maybe chaotic. You can spite acid.
    stone: onyx
    quote: “What a splendid head, yet no brain. ” from Aesop
    you control: darkness

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