Playing with your Lumps and Taking It

My roommate has a lump in her breast. She is going to get it checked out and have breast reduction at the same time. Not sure which day yet but soon. She doesn’t know if she has breast cancer or just an anonymous, harmless lump.

I don’t check my breasts for lumps. The main reason I don’t is that they always have lumps and bumps and I don’t see how you can tell which is a “lump” and which is just another lump in the pile. Once in awhile I get sore boobs, usually it’s around some point in the cycle of my period. I don’t think much of it. When I was younger I’d even have bruises on my breasts from whatever was going on in there. It’s actually like they are fighting a war, a boob tissue war. They get pinchy, sore and embattled. Anyway, if I have any bad lumps I wouldn’t know how to tell which they are apart from all the lumps in there.

Anyway, to those who have found themselves in the fight with a bad lump, good wishes to you. For the rest of us… it’s kind of like being in bed at night, in the dark. Some nights when it’s quiet you wonder about breast lumps, you poke around. In the end you just have to hope you’re one of the lucky ones.

4 thoughts on “Playing with your Lumps and Taking It”

  1. It is very difficult to work out the difference between normal lumps and abnormal lumps. I have a mammo every year because of family history and they found a fibroadenoma, the dr’s could feel it, but to me it felt like any other part of my always lumpy boobs.. I had it removed and now worry maybe a bit more as I still wouldn’t know the difference..

  2. Wish your friend well. I am in the same boat as you (though I get regular check ups). A doctor once suggested I try taking Vitamin E to ease the soarness and that really seems to help.

  3. I’m a lumpy girl myself. They’re called cysts in my case, harmless, aggravated by caffeine of all things.

    My mom, well, she had the same condition. Until they found something they were unsure of. It is more difficult to feel when your breasts are already a bit lumpy. The doctor wanted to do a biopsy just in case.

    My mom just had a double mastectomy.


    My mom is fine now. Cancer free and getting new boobs Friday the 22nd (next week), smaller, perkier boobs with new nipples. 😉

    Breast reduction when you are rather large breasted is a simply wonderful idea. Makes detection much easier.

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