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Spring. What’s the best part of spring? What’s the worst part of spring? What does spring time mean to you? Do you get spring fever? Do you give your house a good spring cleaning? How has Daylight Saving Time changed your routine? What’s the best thing about Daylight Saving Time? What’s the worst? (other than the loss of time, of course – be original! 🙂 ).

Spring makes me think of tulips and other early Spring flowers. I like the rain in Spring, it helps melt away the snow. The last of the snow is usually pretty messy looking with road dirt, salt and sand and other things contributed from people’s pets. I think the only ugly thing in Spring is what is uncovered once the snow melts. One of the best things are the fresh rain and new growth, buds on trees and the grass suddenly becomes green and lush again.

I should do a Spring Cleaning. Not real keen on it. Daylight Saving wasn’t too bad for me. But it will help that I have this week off. I really can’t think of a best or worst for Daylight Savings time. It’s only an hour after all. One good thing, it makes an excuse for being a bit late for work at least one day. Of course, it works better if you happen to live alone and there isn’t anyone there to ‘remind’ you.

3 thoughts on “Blog Talkers – Spring”

  1. I love Spring! I love that the clock changes because I am never late for the sunrise! I don’t care about the sleep. I love being able to get to the Bluffs and see that sunrise over the Lake O in the morning. It does however mean I’m late for work but who cares, what a glorious feeling to see that orange globe of warmth.
    I missed it so much this winter.
    I also love that spring always smells like it’s going to rain. I love hearing the birds sing their song every morning starting at 5 a.m. and watching from my back deck chase each other! Welcome Spring, welcome time change! Hello Sunrise.

  2. I meant to say…I like watching the squirrels chase each other in the forest behind my house…not to mention the chipmunks that pop up from underneath the hottub where they stay warm and multiply all winter long…lol.

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