Applying at LifeTips Network

I’m applying for a topic at LifeTips geared to Single Women.

Keep Romance Alive

Whether or not you’re dating someone special you can enjoy an evening of romance. Cook a nice dinner, set the table with all the trimmings, even candles if you have them or pick some up. Use napkins, add a flowers and a centerpiece on the table, serve wine, just as if you were setting things up like a fancy, glamorous restaurant. If you aren’t dating anyone do it all the same, just for yourself. Treat yourself to a romantic dinner. You’re worth it!

The Grass is Greener…

Keep in touch with married and Mom friends. At times it really is nice to hear how the other shoe fits, how they would like to be single again, not sharing so much of their life, energy and time. Talking to women on the other side of the fence can help you appreciate what you do have at times when you feel you don’t have much.

Skim your Latte

Try your coffee with whipped and/ or heated skim milk instead of cream or whole milk. Milk thickened this way is very low cal and yet will give you as much taste as you have become used to.

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  1. If you have the milk whipped or frothed, somehow thickened you really won't know the difference from skim or 1%. I was surprised the first time I had a skinny latte at Starbucks. Now I always get them that way. If I wasn't lazy I'd froth the milk at home too and have skim here as well. But I always order the skim milk lattes at Second Cup and etc now.

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