Blog Talkers: Flowers

Blog Talkers: Flowers. Do you like flowers? When is the last time you received flowers? When is the last time you sent someone flowers? Do you think purchasing flowers is a waste of money? Do you garden? What is your favorite flower?

I do like flowers. I think the last time I was sent flowers my Mom sent them for my birthday over a year ago. I don’t send flowers but usually bring them to my Mom. Last time was last Autumn when I bought her a passion flower vine. I think buying flowers is lovely. Organic too. I don’t garden a lot. My Mom has the garden here. I used to have a space when we lived in the Stouffville area. I had a tulip bed at the back of the house. I like a lot of different flowers. Mainly those which come up early in the Spring like tulips, Christmas rose, and violas and sweet williams later in the season.

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  1. My Mom grows tulips, but unfortunately the squirrels tend to dig up the bulbs. Happy Spring, and thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Tulips — they are really a wonder! Especially if you see them in a field of thousands.

    Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane and leaving a comment.

  3. i love flowers, if there was an appropriate space on our lot, we’d probably grow some of it. though receiving them is much better than buying.

  4. I bought tulips for my mother in law and sister in law yesterday and my mom. But my mom left them in my car so now they are on my counter. Flowers are not a waste of money in my opinion, they do can do as much as a paid therapy session! Love those flowers! I have no favourite flower any flower even a dandelion gets me excited because I know it’s getting warm!

  5. Hi Laura. I love sunflowers. My dream is to see a field of sunflowers.

    I also love tulips but I’ve never receive tulips before.

  6. I love sunflowers and tulips… It’s the season for tulips and they are coming in all sorts of fresh and vibrant colours…Yummmyyy!!!!

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