Crochet, Sewing and Crafty Grrl in General

I want to get back to doing more crafts. I used to crochet granny squares but now I have forgotten how. My new roommate knows how to sew so I can finally get someone to help me learn how to use the sewing machine I got for Christmas just before the divorce. I was using it for a short time and doing ok. Can’t even remember how to thread it now. If it’s a choice of getting old or getting stupid I pick old. 😀

Might make plans for a crafty weekend my next couple of days off. Bring out those masses of buttons, the Raggedy Ann pattern and the half finished doll I was making a few years ago, find the sewing machine which was put away somewhere during the most recent move. I’d like to get making things again. Finally learn to use the sewing machine. I’ve got a great pattern for a dress suit to make, in jersey fabric so it is stretchy and comfortable for a plus size dame like myself. Also has the plus of being very washable too. I’m not a fan of taking anything to the dry cleaners.

Demanding for their Size

I created a new Flickr group, Living Dolls.

About Living Dolls

Little dolls (or Barbie doll sized) bought at thrift stores or other second hand places. There are an endless supply of unwanted dollies, cheap. Buy those which appeal to you and seem fixable. Clean them up, make them new clothes if you can and when you have photographed them all you wish to find them a new home. I suggest taking them to your local women’s shelter or hospital.

The dolls are put into situations where they are in peril or just struggling to live as a little doll in the great, big world. Think of unique and creative ways a small doll (just a couple of inches tall) would make a life for herself. How would she (he) live, where would she live and how would she keep her existence a secret?

There are other groups for adult stuff with dolls. This should just be fun.