The Start of an ASCII Raccoon

I started working on a raccoon but I’ve only had his head done for a long time. I got impatient and went looking to see what others have done. So this raccoon is a combination of my own head and the bodies of two other ASCII raccoons. Credit given with the initials.

I am going to start from scratch for my own raccoon. At least I didn’t leave this guy headless!


Senate ASCII Art Signature

I like architecture. I’ve never seen the US Senate building (except in photos) so I don’t know how well this resembles the real thing. I like it. I tried to diddle it (fixing the lines which are not quite in sync) but it’s a bit of a push me – pull ya. A puzzle for another day, maybe. I’m posting the original first. Then my work on it. First the original recreated in Notepad and then my diddle of it.

senateusSource: Lindsey Cormack (@DCInbox) | Twitter


Grandfather Clock

I have a grandfather clock and a cuckoo clock on my to-do list. A sundial too. I’m retro that way.

Really sad to see clocks and watches disappear due to mobile phones.

I’m posting Joan’s clock as inspiration for myself. I tend to start smaller images than this and then find it difficult to get all the trimmings in. I do have a good clock face already. So I could build the clock around it. Not for the cuckoo clock maybe. That would be smaller. Will see whenever I get them done.