CocaCola Does MakeItHappy ASCII Art


The site is Go Make it Happy. I was happy seeing a big, consumer oriented company like CocaCola using ASCII art. Even though it’s computer generated – there is a wonderfully large amount of it.

If I were a more sane person I would have split these into several posts. Instead I have left them all (over 90 image files) below the “read more” line. I wanted to not only share them all but, preserve them all too. So this is an archive of the ASCII art I found on the CocaCola Make it Happy site. It’s possible they will add more. I wish I knew. I’d like to see it all saved. Campaigns like this tend to last like a fad and then disappear. I’d like to see the ASCII art survive.

I have a few favourites and I thought to just post those. But, how could I show all the full dorkiness and fun of the collection. Some of it reminds me of the old movies advertising hot dogs and popcorn at the drive-in movies.

makehappy makehappy1 makehappy2 makehappy3 makehappy4 makehappy5 makehappy6 makehappy7 makehappy8 makehappy9 makehappy10 makehappy11 makehappy12 makehappy13 makehappy14 makehappy15 makehappy16 makehappy17makehappy18 makehappy19 makehappy20 makehappy21 makehappy22 makehappy23 makehappy24 makehappy25 makehappy26 makehappy27 makehappy28 makehappy29 makehappy30 makehappy31 makehappy32 makehappy33 makehappy34 makehappy35 makehappy36 makehappy37 makehappy38 makehappy39 makehappy40 makehappy41 makehappy42 makehappy43 makehappy44 makehappy45 makehappy46 makehappy47 makehappy48 makehappy49 makehappy50 makehappy51 makehappy52 makehappy53 makehappy54 makehappy55 makehappy56 makehappy57 makehappy58 makehappy59 makehappy60 makehappy61makehappy62 makehappy63 makehappy64 makehappy65 makehappy66 makehappy67 makehappy68 makehappy69 makehappy70 makehappy71 makehappy72 makehappy73 makehappy74 makehappy75 makehappy76 makehappy77 makehappy78 makehappy79 makehappy80 makehappy81 makehappy82 makehappy83 makehappy84 makehappy85 makehappy86 makehappy87 makehappy88 makehappy89 makehappy90 makehappy91 makehappy92