Crochet a Poppy Pin

Red Poppy group on Flickr, mostly real flowers rather than designs or art/ crafts.

Flowers by Irene has a pretty knit/ crochet poppy.

Frayed at the Edges makes a knit poppy.

Erssie Knits has a crochet poppy but the pattern is not available on the site.

Seawood has crochet poppies (flowers) with a big button in the middle.

Kittyboo Crochet has a nice poppy pattern:

A little poppy brooch, made by me, using Rowan Cashsoft yarn. Here is the (very rough and ready) pattern using UK terms:

Make 2.
Ch 6. SS into 1st stitch to form a ring.
24 dc into ring.
DC into each DC, increasing every other stitch to get 36 stitches.
1 ch [1 dc 1 tr 7dbltr 1 tr 1dc 1ss] 3 times with last ss into 1st ch.
Fasten off.
Join the two pieces.

For the centre I really just made it up as I went along. It’s a bit hard to describe but I basically made lots of loops and tied them together (a bit like making a tassle) then cut off the tops and stitched into the centre of the poppy.

Curious and Crafty Readers has the loveliest crochet poppy pattern of them all, I think. Here is the centre and the other page has extra finishing touches.

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  1. The instructions were great.
    I think I'll make one as soon as I google the terms you used to find out what the heck you were saying.

    Did you wear it or just make it for show..

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