All of my sites were offline for awhile. Really offline. Changes with the web host and moving things around on the server. I learned several new things. If my brain were more like a computer I could tell you what they all were. But, most are packed away in some mysterious fashion only my brain actually knows. Computers have their limitations but they can pull things up on command in an organized way. Not so for mushy human brains.

One thing I learned, not related to the web host, was how to make the Joomla post editor easier to see and have less features shown. All those changes were lost in restoring my sites from earlier versions, but I can bump my way around and find them again. Then I can save this site as a zip file and use it as a template for setting up all my other sites. That should save a lot of time and fussing around. But, I need to fix an error I created myself, if I can retrace my steps and figure out how I caused it. Just a little thing but those are the things that tend to bug me. Plus, they tend to cause surprise errors and problems later when you don't remember what you did. So fixing these little things is a priority, sooner rather than later.

I could stall and talk about life and the weather now, but I should get back to it. Life, I mean. I don't pretend to control the weather, I just admire it.