Life Would be Easier as a Psychotic Bitch

My brother has been after me to call Revenue Canada for ages. I did today. I am on the phone with the woman trying to identify myself (who can remember half the old stuff they ask you?) and he is yelling and swearing at me to get a supervisor on the line instead. First of all, I was handling things and in spite of all his mouth, I did get it sorted out. Secondly, I really did not think it was at all ok for him to be saying “fuck off” and such while I am trying to hear what the woman is saying. I was really upset. I really don’t know why he has to do that. He does it to me almost every time I am on the phone. He does not have the excuse of Tourettes or anything like that. He just seems to think it is ok to curse and swear and talk in his normal to yelling voice, directing me in what to do and say. I hate making any kind of phone calls when he is around. It is a miserable experience. Of course, in the end I am the bad guy because I got really fed up, gave him the finger and took the phone to finish the call in my bedroom. He is upset that I gave him the finger. My Mother even mentioned it, “Graham said you gave him the finger.” It is ironic that he told me several times to fuck off and that doesn’t seem to matter at all. That is something I have never figured out. I should have started life out being a complete bitch, it would make everything so much easier to be a selfish, psychotic bitch.

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  1. It's too bad he didn't leave you alone and let you deal with it your way.

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

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