The Best Ships are Friendships

I just posted to Skye’s blog post about friends.

I’m a friend vagabond. While each relationship lasts I put a lot of myself into it. But, things change, people move and disappear from your life. I don’t spend too much time looking backwards when there are always new people and experiences ahead.

No one should feel bad about a lost friend. Instead feel good about the friends you have in the here and now. Make the best of who you know now and offer them the best you can give of yourself. You never know the impact you may have one someone else.

I haven’t put a lot of thought into having or keeping friends. I have met so many people in my life, some I do think about still and wish I knew how life turned out for them. But, I don’t seem fated to be someone who keeps any lifelong friends. I always think that is nice when I see it in movies and such. It may help that a lot of those people stay in the same place, together. I was born in Toronto and moved all over Ontario plus some time in British Columbia, the Dominican Republic and Illinois, USA. You can’t keep friendships when your life is some weird game of bumper cars.

See the World While it’s Still Here

Do you ever think like that when you take pictures? I sometimes do. So much of the world is disappearing for all sorts of reasons: environment, population expansion, death, taxes and the passage of time, among others. It’s lucky we can capture things (on cameras) while they are still here, fresh and real. It’s a privilege. Really it is.

Think of how much our ancestors have seen and wished they could save or remember for others to see. People wrote books and drew pictures but it’s only recently (when you consider all the thousands of years) that people have been able to take a photograph and preserve what we see exactly as we see it. Yes, the pictures aren’t perfectly exact but they are near enough to exact that our Grandchildren will be able to see frogs even if they have become extinct by then.

We can show the house we grew up in even if a highway has long since overgrown it. So many other things. I mostly think of nature though. So much of it is already lost. So much more is likely to be lost. When did you last see a garter snake, a frog, a snail? They are much rarer than they were when I was a kid, not hugely long ago.

Take your pictures while ye may.

Out To Barrie

We are making cabbage rolls and stuffed peppers today. I need to go out and get saurkraut to add to the mix, soon. We took garden pictures. She asked for pictures of some plants which I hadn’t really noticed when I was taking the pictures on my own yesterday. Nice to be out there with Mom in the garden. Nice that I can be the “photographer”.

Later, when the rolls are done she thought we would go out to Barrie. I think I will bring along the camera. But, I don’t know if I will actually take any pictures. There is always that intimidation factor when you bring out your camera. Not so much worrying about if people will cringe at the site of a camera but worrying if I will. As Skye wrote about her train adventure. It’s different when someone is watching you. She was worried about stranger danger. But, for me, I worry more about feeling like a goof out there with a camera. I admit, I think about myself, not others.

Still, maybe I will get a few nice pictures of something or other. If I keep this up I will have a photoblog instead of a useless woman rambling on about nothing blog. Which would be better. Not that you actually have a vote. This blog is no democracy. 😉

Imperfectly Haired

What if you had no hair? Not cause you were surviving cancer or had that other disease where your hair falls out or just never grows in. What if you just woke up one morning and all your hair was gone, for no real reason. Just gone. Maybe it becomes invisible or it’s all there, on your pillow and among your sheets, just not attached to your head.

Could you cope? Sure, you’d freak out at first. I have no idea what my first thoughts would be. There are so many options.

I’d really miss my hair. I like it. It’s shiny with brown and red streaks, like bronze through it. I really like the way it curls too.

On the plus side I wouldn’t have grey hair. That would be gone too. Not that it’s a great plus, but it is there. A small silver lining.

Of course you could get a wig. But, you’d have that initial wig-getting to get through. It would feel strange to leave the house with a bald head. Even if you wore a hat or scarf over it. Underneath you’d still have that bare skinned head. Even if no one could see it you’d see it yourself, without any mirrors.

It’s funny that the latest trend in grooming expects women to have no hair on their body, except their head. Well, no facial hair other than eyelashes and eyebrows. Someone should invent some other hair removal option. The creams and gels aren’t good for your skin. The shaving doesn’t last long enough and you end up with stubble and skin that’s been scraped raw or at least dry. Wax just seems painful, another female torture. They say it takes the hair a long time to grow back and it becomes weaker, thinner each time. It doesn’t go away though. Lasers and electrolisis (however you spell it) is just too expensive.

If all your hair was gone, the hair from the top of your head I mean, you’d be the opposite of the fantasy woman, the semi-hairless version. Getting dates would be really tough, at least with the Internet dating men crowd. They don’t seem quite into the reality of women, with hair in the wrong places.

I think someone should bring back the Real Women fad. Does anyone else remember that? It came and went like pet rocks. But, I remember. I think about it when I look at the hair that isn’t on my head and the other imperfections that are me.

Blog Burst

BlogBurst From what I read on the site they pick blogs (you have to submit yours to them first) and let other sites choose from your blog’s posts to run as content on their sites. You get the linkback to your own blog/ original post. It is a way of building traffic. Might be interesting. I haven’t been making a lot of blabby posts lately.

The only things concerning me about it are having my content (written and photos) ‘borrowed’ without giving my permission. Also, I never like anything where the site or people decide whether or not to accept me. I just don’t like being judged.

Stones, Rocks and Shells

I took these this afternoon. I love stones and rocks. The shells are a really nice touch too. Right from the backyard here. I used to have an ‘L’ shaped rock with a fossil on the bended part. I kept it for years cause it was the first letter of my name, so kind of a special rock to find. I don’t know where it is now. Likely outside here in the rockpile too. I should look before I move. It would be easy for it to get left behind.