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I’m not sure yet if you are paid to spam other blogs or just your own. Likely it only pays a few pennies a month just like all the other get-rich-quick losers. The only people who really win are the spammers. I’m not sure they really win either. In the long run it’s all just garbage. At least spam doesn’t create garbage to fill up the landfills. There’s always a sunny side if you look long and hard enough. Or just get a bit more creative.

Mini Vacation, Sort of

I haven’t actually gone anywhere, much. No exotic locale. I’m just house sitting, kind of, not that I really have to do anything other than water the gardens and keep it from burning down suddenly one night. It’s my brother’s house in Newmarket. Most of the renovations are done here. He may start on revamping the bathroom now that the rest of the house is all done over.

Anyway, he has a very speedy Internet connection, enough TV stations to keep the worst couch potato/ TV junkie happy and I brought lots of good things to eat including freshly picked string beans and spaghetti squash from the garden. So it’s kind of a vacation. I guess.

It doesn’t quite feel like one. I miss the car. I think that’s the only reason it doesn’t feel more fun. I really like his house. It still reminds me of the house my Grandparents had while we were growing up. He has renovated so much that the only thing left of the old house (other than the basic structure and foundations) are the hard wood floors. The windows used to match the floors, I miss them even though the new windows are much… well, newer. It does still have that smell though. A nice smell, the smell of an old house from the 50’s which has been taken care of (without air conditioning for most of it’s life). It has air conditioning now but there is a certain smell that gets baked into the wood floors and window panes on those scorching summer days. I don’t think it will ever totally disappear, unless he gets new floors. I keep hoping he doesn’t. I will really miss that smell. It brings back so many nice thoughts of that other old house my Grandparents used to live in. (They are both gone now).

Anyway, I think I will try the TV later. I’ve been having a lot fun online. His connection is like the speed of light. We both have DSL I just have an old computer, not a brand new Intel P4.

I am looking forward to a new PC. I just know it will come to me. I read it in a fortune cookie.

Hauling Books and Table and Chairs

I’m at my sister’s house in Newmarket this morning. Waiting for my brother to come over. He has the car which is packed with another load of stuff to move to the Beaches apartment. Today I am taking down the kitchen table and chairs and of course, yet more books. I tried to let some books go. It’s not easy. I have put a few aside to take to the second hand bookstore this time I’m down here.

I think Graham will be here soon so I should make sure I’m ready.

Happy heat wave. Why does it seem men pick the hottest summer days to decide this is a day we will move furniture?

Half a Cursed Year

It’s nearly August, are you excited?

Summer is more than half over. The days are getting shorter instead of longer. Soon (in Toronto) the CNE will begin again.

I don’t have much to chit chat about tonight. I think I am going down to Toronto, the Beaches apartment, on Wednesday. Some cleaning, looking around and hoping the new leak outside is fixed, again, this time. Is this move cursed? Is it strange that I’ve been moving down there since May and something always comes up to stop it? Even this time when I had decided that I was moving no matter what isn’t done or what any brother says. Even this time when the guy actually showed up to do the work and finish everything the way it was going to be finished months ago but this time it actually would have happened and been done. Only there was a new leak and he couldn’t do all the finishing up work he had gone there to do.

Have you ever felt cursed?

I tend to have a rotten first half of the new year. This isn’t the first time I’ve wondered about the curse situation in my life. But, things tend to pick up in the second half of the year. So that’s a good sign for the current year and this whole move thing. In theory.

An Addendum to the Snot Post

Skye mentioned that my snot theory really did explain a lot. She considered the loss of snot/ brain matter to be a cause of senility. I agree, it’s another element to the whole snot thing which I hadn’t even thought of.

But, one thing I did think of is nose picking. If you tell your children they aren’t merely picking snot out of their nose but in fact, are removing brain cells, I bet you could really make progress in training children not to pick. Or at least, not to dig too deeply.

In the end we could have a whole generation of non-pickers.

Would that be a good thing? After all, what does it really matter if you remove snot once it’s already dripped down that far. It’s not like you’re going to try putting it back. I have never seen someone putting snot back up their nose. Well, I have seen people who would rather snort it back up than blow it out into a tissue. So, maybe they are the real geniuses among us. Those snot snorters have known all along, don’t blow your snot away.

Well, has that blown your mind? Get a few tissues, preserve it. Maybe you can snort it back up later. I’d hate to think I could be the cause of early senility. After all, I don’t have many readers and you all need to keep at least enough snot in your head to keep coming back here. You don’t actually need to read once you’re here. Though that would be nice. If you can suck up enough snot to comment that would be great. That’s how I know I’m not just talking to myself.

Good night. Remember, keep your snot!

Fire Dancer

Tonya Kay – Performing artist.

Fire poi/ spinning, bull whip, flag dance, stilt dance and aerial stuntwork. She’s into raw foods and organic living. Even her car runs on organic fuel. Her blog is quite a read too.

We just saw her on that American TV show about ‘you think you’ve got talent’ something like that. She was part of a group called Stilt World.


Do you ever wonder where all that snot comes from? I mean, the human head isn’t big enough to hold that much snot I’m sure of it. Maybe we’ve been wrong all these years and the human brain isn’t grey matter at all, it’s all yellow and slimy stuff that occasionally drips and flows out of our nose when we’ve been thinking too much. Or maybe I’ve just gotten too darn clever and all of this leakage is just overflow. Sparing my brain from knowing too much and getting shot in some brain gangster movie.

Anyway, today I have allergies. How much brain matter can I lose before I forget how to type?