Romantic Pink Teapot

Found this pretty teapot on Pinterest. The original link has gone 404.

Note, thanks to Becky I do have the link for the Etsy shop where you can find the artist who creates these romantic teapots. They are custom-made so you can choose the colours you prefer, if you are not quite in love with pink.

9 thoughts on “Romantic Pink Teapot

  1. Hi, the second teapot looks like the exact teapot I’ve been looking for! 🙂 Is it by Pink Vogue? Do you know where you found the picture from?
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi! I’ve actually been looking for the first one since forever! Do you remember the site? Was it also a dead link? Thanks! – Becky

  3. Both were dead links from Pinterest. I would have added the link to the original source if I had found it. I would have liked to see other teapots made by the same person/ company.

    Good luck with the search. I found a tea dipper which I loved. But the original source (when I finally found it) were not making it the same way anyone. It was much cheaper looking. So a fruitless search in the end. I think you have a better chance to find a teapot.

    • Hi, I found the person who makes the beautiful teapot! She is on and her shop is called “romancing the teapot” her work is beautiful, and she’s making a special order/reproduction of the first one just for me because she makes custom orders! I can’t believe she’s so sweet and that she’s going through all of that hard work for me! Her work is beautiful! Check it out! Also, thank you for your reply! I’m now looking for the second, since I see that Emma was searching for it. I found out that it’s made by ‘Artique’ but I can’t find anyone who continues to sell it! The people who I found it no longer do, but I’ll continue on my search!

  4. Thanks for adding the information Becky. Sorry I wasn’t online to post your comment sooner. I do appreciate having the artist’s link and will add it to the post.

  5. Oh don’t be sorry! I just thought that the system posted the comments. Check out her work; it is truly amazing! She only charged me a little over $39 for my teapot (the one you have the photo off) and it’s custom made and brings a cup as well because it’s tea-for-one. I’m expecting it by 12/16/13. 🙂

    • Really nice to have it with a cup too. I did have a look at her site when I posted the link. The teapots are great. I especially liked one which was dark and white.

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