Getting Started

I’ve been missing my blog, being able to post all my raggedy thoughts and links. So here I am.

Now, of course, I have nothing to post really. But, as an introduction…

I’m a freelance writer. I write columns for BackWash, online. If you’re dying of curiousity, or just addicted to URLs (I am) you can visit BackWash here:

I have a site for writers:

That’s a start. If you know me you can list yourself as a Friend. If that’s how it works here. I’m still fumbling and wandering around.

Yet Another Moment of Panic

Yet Another Moment of Panic
11/24/00 3:31 am

I can’t remember just what was on the checklist I mailed back to the consulate and I wasn’t smart enough to keep a copy. I just suddenly realized I only have about 2 weeks to get everything loaded, stamped, sealed and etc. I knew it was 2 weeks I just didn’t clue into how soon 2 weeks is coming up. 🙂

Also, we may be crossing at Windsor early in the morning. 7:am to 8:am. Is this a good time? I had a bad experience crossing there using the bridge. Now I just can not bring myself to cross that way again or even around that time. I was hoping not to get the dayshift as the guy I met before was a complete (bad word deleted).

Todd and I had a fight tonight too. 🙁 I wonder if anyone gets through all this without having some very rough spots. Definately feeling jittery tonight. Just keep thinking that the worst of it will be over soon. I hope. 🙂

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Between Checklist and Interview

Between Checklist and Interview
11/2/00 10:45 pm

How long does it seem to take before you get the notice about the interview and do they schedule them right away or is this going to be another 4 or so months of waiting?

I just got back Todd’s financial stuff so I am all ready to send in the checklist. Just need to get the RCMP report and that other picture. Both of those can be done in one day.

Do they take fingerprints at the RCMP? It does bother me that we are treated like criminals. Well, a lot bothers me. Like having to let them read a lot of my personal mail to Todd. I didn’t write anything for a middleman, eavesdropper and etc.


Read more of these old posts – Our Adventures with the Fiancé Visa (2000 – 2002)