Is That a Fly…?

Glamor isn’t always about the standard pretty things like hearts and flowers and cupcakes. Glamour can have a bit of spirit, an edge and a dash of… something that makes you itchy and want to wash your hands.

This fly is from Lilien Czech and it’s actually a button, the type you sew on your sweater. Assuming you can sew. If you can’t, then it’s a good time to start learning. Sewing on a button is a way to get started.


Don’t Stitch Where you Eat has a post about gluebooks.

Gluebooks are a cross between art journals and collage. Collect the paper fallout from your daily life, and turn it into art!

Gluebooks seem to be what scrapbooks used to be, before the commercialism. Funny how things that really do last can overcome the hype and get back to what they really were, the basic essentials.

I kept a gluebook (formerly known as a scrapbook) when I was a kid. Just things I clipped out of the newspaper or magazines. One was all pictures that caught my eye for whatever reason. The other were all clippings about paranormal things. I don’t still have any of those old books.

The Art Personality Test from the BBC.

Your favourite type of art is Northern Renaissance. In the personality profile you had a high intellectualism score, which suggests you like to think about abstract ideas and have a creative imagination.

I found this through the Subtle Oasis blog. Try the test on the BBC website.

Urban Life in Miniature

Life in Miniature has a post about an urban artist who sets up small toys and makes it appear as if they are living in the full sized real world. I have seen the artist’s site before but had forgotten the link. It really is fun to look at the photos.

Anyway, the challenge is to diy (do it yourself). Can you find some little dolls, toy soldiers, or some tiny human or animal figurine and pose them in the much bigger world around them?

Flickr: Handwritten Blogs

Flickr: Handwritten Blogs

There is a new thing to try. Maybe on Sunday. Too tired tonight. Might be meeting someone before I go into work. Have to get to the bank so I can pay my taxi fare to get home from work for the rest f the work week. It costs an extra dollar to use the debit machine in the cab and the fare each night is expensive enough.

I had another review tonight. One down and one still outstanding with the quality patrol thing. It is starting to get me down, well no, it did that already. Last week I was really annoyed and down and job weary. I think I am better today. Maybe I can just let go and be fake as they seem to want (in spite of what they say).

I hate being fake and lying though. Yet every job I have it ends up being the same story. People want you to lie to them.

Going to bed. Night night.

Thursday Thirteen #10: Beat the Creative Blahs

Writer’s block isn’t phony. You can get in the way of your own creativeness. Whether you are a writer, photographer, illustrator, fashion designer or some other creative and art type everyone can get to a point where they feel out of ideas or lacking in a way to bring the ideas in their head out into the world.

1. Give yourself a break, know you are a little burned out right now and stop forcing yourself to come up with something brilliant and original. Get some physical, real distance from the burned out area.

2. Pick something else to do, creatively. Set the table for dinner, take the time to be fancy, glamorous or kitschy. Google a few favourite foods and see what interesting recipes come up, try one of them.

3. Do something practical, think of an errand or household task you have been putting off cause you were just too busy. Finally sew on that button. Take that stack of books to the second hand bookstore.

4. Pamper yourself. Try a new hair colour or style. Spend time in the tub with a good book. Sleep in with the radio on low and don’t rush starting your day.

5. Retail therapy. What’s your store of choice? I like the bookstore, coffee shop and the thrift store. Or window shopping and online catalogues for those who don’t want to be tempted into spending.

6. Enjoy your day. Do something you really want to do, only you know what that is. I’d go on a road trip and take more photos of abandoned farm houses.

7. Exercise. Go for a walk. Try yoga, pilates or something else new, different or more extreme.

8. Stop being so perfect. Let a few mistakes happen. The world won’t spin out of orbit if you burn the toast. But you might feel less pressured to perform up to some unrealistic standards you set for yourself.

9. Unclutter. We have so much stuff and only so many drawers, closets and floor space. Tidy up, throw it out or give it away. Once you can see the surface of your desk/ work space again you might find what you were looking for.

10. Be an angel for the day. Kids love getting something in the mail just for them and Grandparents love to feel they are still included in your life. Make a batch of cookies or muffins for a single parent you know.

12. Laugh along with life. Watch a movie that made you laugh before. Call a friend who can look at things with fresh perspective and laugh about what seemed so important before.

13. Spend time with people. Take the kids to a movie. Meet a friend for coffee. Join a new group involved in some kind of hobby or interest you haven’t had much time for lately.