Wish You Were Here

This comes from Kate Spade, a postcard on a bangle. I like the idea. Makes you want to travel. Where would you go if you really could go anywhere? If money, language, time. confidence or anything else was not getting in your way? I’d go to a fancy hotel in Moscow. I’d start there with some luxury while I worked out what I wanted to see next. I know I want to see Russian history, but I don’t know where to start. A great hotel would be just the right spot to while away a few weeks while I gather information on the whole plan.

Polka Dots Cheer Me Up

I think I have had a thing for polka dots since I was a kid and read about some creature with polka dots in a Dr. Seuss book. I don’t remember which book. But, since then, polka dots can always cheer me up.

Emma Bridgewater is known for her polka dot designs. I picked out the teacup and saucer even though I seldom drink tea. I guess it is just a tea party thing. If you’re having a down day find things that cheer you up and keep them around. Buy a polka dot teacup and saucer and use them on days you need a lift. There’s no rule you have to use it for tea only. Hot chocolate is very nice in a teacup too.

Get your fill of polka dots with these groups of photos at Flickr:

At Amazon for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favourite holidays. I think of my Grandmother and her sisters, my great Aunts. Each of them came here to Canada from Ireland, as children and young women. They didn’t come together. Each came in different times and in different ways. They endured hardships, worked hard and built their own lives here. My Great Aunt Alice was the one who told me about Ireland and what she remembered and loved most about her home land.

Filigree Four Leaf Clover Charm with Lobster Clasp


Goldplated Iridescent Hearts Pin


Sterling Silver “Irish Eyes” Four Leaf Clover & Green Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, 7.5″

Ideas for Date Nights

Whether you are dating or single this Valentine’s Day you should give yourself a bit of luxury, fun or romance today just because you can. Don’t dwell on being single, not being with someone, not this or not that. You are alive, you are a woman and you have it in your power to ignore all the negative things and celebrate the positive.

Take yourself on a date! Get an idea of your own or have a look at the ideas on $30 Date Nights. In particular I like the night photography date. Wouldn’t that be an adventure. Give it a try.

Bejeweled Clocks for January

After the New Years Eve celebrations January becomes kind of a slow month. It doesn’t seem right for the first month of each year.  So, to brighten up January I went on the look out for some dazzling time pieces. Keeping time suits January.

This is a vintage clock with pink rhinestones, created by artist Debbie Del Rosario. Found at Victorian Rose Cottage.

A jeweled alarm clock from Powder Blue. Design by Lisbeth Dahl.

Urban Outfitters has this pretty watch necklace with a bit of steampunk style.

This colourful watch with precious stones comes from Bertolucci. I found it on a French site.

I didn’t find the clock of my dreams. I had in mind something with a mix of romance, diamonds and the steampunk look. What would you design as the perfect bejeweled clock?