I'm a Furry Fire Dweller

World of Fire
Embers, smoke, ash… you are a fire dweller. A
mixture of the fierce and the sanguine, you are
never afraid to show your true colors. You
rarely go halfway on anything, and are regarded
as an extremely passionate person.

Which Other World Are You Secretly From?
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Wolf Furry
Wolf Furry. ART COPYRIGHT TO: www.redpanda.com
(Sara Palmer)

What Kind of Furry Are You? (with lovely images)
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Virtual Drawing

Virtual Drawing:

“VirtualDrawing.com! Use the drawing device to express your creativity and show off your artistic talents… After you’re done, we automatically send an email to your friend, informing him/ her about the Virtual Drawing(tm)! This person in turn comes to this page, clicks the ‘pick up’ tab, and views your drawing and the additional message if you wrote one. Simple enough, huh? Well, it’s time you try it out! This is something different from the boring pre-made web card for once.”

Nice idea on the virtual greeting cards theme.