A Stick in the Mud for Wind Power

The Vortex bladeless turbine uses the wind to vibrate instead of spin. That makes it cheaper, quieter, and more reliable than a bladed turbine.

Source: This wind turbine has no blades — and that’s why it’s better | Grist

My first question… Does it still create as much energy as the turbines with blades? (It doesn’t).

My next question… What about the birds? I can understand how birds and bats fly into them. The colour is meant to blend into the sky (for human sensibilities, not birds).

As far as noise, we parked right next to one here in Ontario. Turned off the car (the car made more sound than the turbine) and just listened for half an hour. It was very quiet. Out on a backroad, in the middle of nowhere, for awhile we felt apart from all civilization. That feeling of being still after the world has ended.

Without blades the new wind power could be very low maintenance and have far less parts to replace. That’s a good thing.

But, they do produce less energy. The solution offered in the article is to have more of them. Is this practical?

How many can be grouped together before they lose efficiency due to blocking the very wind they rely on? How many land owners are going to want a forest of these on their land? How long will it be before the same people who protested the noise of wind turbines find these have a persistent hum or vibration or some other problem which gives them headaches?

I’m not sure a lot of the complaining about wind turbines is really justified. At least the human complaining.

Bladeless turbines may be less deadly to birds and bats, but we can’t be sure of that.

What will happen with more turbines in the same area of land?

There are no perches for birds. We don’t want to encourage the birds to use them, yet a forest of wind turbines take up space without giving the birds a place to rest.

Of course, the bladeless turbines will also be a colour intended to blend in and not obstruct too much of the view, for humans. Birds may fly into these man made forests and not see what they flew smack into. To a bird a forest of nearly invisible tree stalks without perches or branches waving in the wind to show their location may not work out so well.

Could these ivory towers be made nature friendly at the risk of becoming less tolerated by humans who enjoy the energy produced by them? Could bird houses, bee hives and bat boxes be included? Could they be made mandatory? Would that be unsightly or just unnatural?

Urban Exploring at KoL

Found an abandoned building on KoL last night. I’m getting just that good at tracking them down. 🙂

My four days off are over. Have to get back to the work week today. Wish I could have found the web development/ design books I was looking for. Would have been a great time to fix up my site. It is pretty half-baked at the moment.

Of course, having four days off I am going into work tired, again. You would think I would have slept in each day and feel great now. But no. I kept getting early morning phone calls from the mystery company who must only talk to my Mother. She is down in Florida. If they cant’ tell me what it is about I just can’t see myself giving them her phone number down there. Especially when I have told them I work nights and they keep waking me up when they phone. Jerks.

I used this time of having most of the snow being rained away to put out food in the bird feeder in the back yard. Will see if the squirrels can get into it or not now. Looks like they didn’t before, but that was when there was no temptation.

Thinking about getting into work early, or at least having time to poke around and go to Mcdonalds for a coffee (its close to work). That would mean I’d have to actually get dressed now and catch the bus in a few minutes. So I should actually not still be sitting here.

Happy Work Grind… I mean Week!

Chicken Dressed as Mutton

I know I’m not really human now. If I were human, rather than alien or robot or… something, I would be bursting open at the seams by now. I was really hungry, I’ve been trying to not eat much for a couple of weeks. But today I ordered pizza. I ate it too. I don’t know how that much pizza is inside of me and yet I don’t feel disgustingly full and bloated. I feel fine. I don’t feel hungry, that’s a nice change. But, no mortal should eat that much pizza and not explode. Just call me Pizza Grrl.

I put chicken on it. I’ve never liked pepperoni really. The chicken was good. Maybe that’s why I’m not feeling stuffed. The chicken was lighter than pepperoni which does not come from a bird creature. Therefor it can not fly. Chickens don’t really fly much but the option is there. I’m sure it all makes sense somehow. After all, I can’t really be an alien. I still have all that old paperwork from the US immigration, I think. Besides, I was born here. My Mother said so. So I shouldn’t be an alien as long as I’m still in Canada.

Maybe I should update my passport just to be on the safe side. In case someone realizes I’m an alien and tries to deport me. Where do aliens get deported if they were never from the planet to begin with?

There’s a question for the day. I’m not all that keen on any of the other planets and the moon is just too chilly looking. I’d like something with a little beach, water and maybe a forest off in the moutain area. Of course, I want something with a good Internet connection too. I’m sure someone will work it all out. Last slice of pizza to whoever comes up with a good plan for cosmic alien deportation!

Tired of Flying Rats? (Aka Pigeons)

Have a look at these pigeon spikes. Fairly nasty, even I think impaling them could be a little extreme. However, not so long ago they used to be an ingrediant. So this is the lazy person’s way to hunt for pigeons. I bet you could be cooking up pot luck for the whole neighbourhood in some city areas. Feed the homeless potluck pigeon pie!

Although, I think people who live downtown sometimes get confused. There are so few wild animals down there, other than rats, pigeons, insects and the odd raccoon that they consider pigeons to be a real bird. They even feed them, on purpose. It’s really too bad and someone should suggest that they get out more. Out of the city that is. There are real wild animals still left. You don’t have to settle for flying rats who poop all over everything and everyone. City people… there are real birds just a little north of you (everything is north of the cities here in Canada).

I don’t know why these people want to hunt crows. I actually like them. They keep to themselves and clean up roadkill.

It’s a Rainy Day Today

Today it’s raining. I can see the wet pine trees outside my window. The birds are out catching easy worms and having bird showers.

These days people seem to have reversed their attitude about children. Now it seems children should be seen, heard and endured. Children should be left to run wild, without rules or any respect for other people or things. My sister has three children and I have none. I really wanted children, a husband, a place of our own but that isn’t how things worked out for me. She has those things and they aren’t valuable to her, not as much as her business/ career and having money.

She was here yesterday with her second husband and the offspring. It was a zoo. I’m not even going to type out all the details. She left us with a screen door to repair. At least the little girls got to play outside with other kids. They don’t get out with other kids usually.

Graham is having a thing cause I’m not ready to move into the apartment. I don’t know how I’m supposed to move in there as it is. I guess I am though. Family can be a blessing and a curse. Mine have a habit of making decisions for me and then making me feel everthing is my fault.

This is moody, gloomy blog post. I’m tired of writing it even.

I’m still looking forward to having my own place downtown. If I can get some kind of job I will be able to do a little decorating here and there. Some little curtains for the basement windows. A new computer desk/ cart which will take up less space than the table I’m using now. Lots of things to look forward to if it all works out.

I am still tired. Having Zack here means I am getting a lot less sleep. He does fine. He goes to bed by 9:00 or 9:30 and gets up about 6:00 (5:30 this morning). I get up when he does, he gets me up. But I go to bed about 1:00 or later. Just trying to get things done, some writing. The writing isn’t going terribly well as I have too many things crowding around in my mind. Still, when I’m not here I know I will be missing Zack. So it’s worth a little exhaustion to spend time with him now.

Art and Car Wreckage

I first found out about art cars years ago from some site or other. Then I went and found several sites and pictures of very assorted art cars. Tonight I found a link to Cars in Barns. You just know I can’t resist a site about abandoned wreckage. I’m already planning my next adventure into derelict buildings. This time I will go inside, all those little creatures can just bite me. Well, they can try. I will bring something to scare them away. I hope.

Anyway, here are some car art examples from Burning Man.

How would you decorate your car? Assuming it didn’t have to be entirely road worthy, and you didn’t need to worry about picking up a truck load of children from soccer, etc. I’d make mine into a ladybug (vibrant red) with a garden on top. Think massive wooden violets, sweet william, tulips and so on, surrounded by a white picket fence. Maybe even a bird or some other creature sitting on my fence. I think I’d like a blue jay, not just any wussy bird.

Sagittarius Nature

Your Sagittarian Nature

You are a charming character and often unforgettable. Your intelligence and wit make you unusual. You give an impression of a free bird that does not have a care in the world. You have an aura of friendly disposition around you. You enjoy popularity from a young age.

You attract friends and members of the opposite sex easily. Your sense of humor is powerful and can turn social gatherings into happy events. Life for you full of challenges and undiscovered pleasures – you make every effort to go through life as you please.

You have a strong sense of independence and you know how to keep your self in least of shackles. Your family and loved ones are precious for you, but you do not like to be domesticated. You do not gel with people of a possessive disposition. Your zest for life and freedom is your strongest desire in reality. You shape your life in accordance with these two.

When you work, you do it well with a goal in view, useless activities have no place in your agenda. You may often change your profession till you find the one that suits you.

You do not like clinging type of romantic involvement. For you, your mate should be on the same footing, neither an insecure person looking for a shoulder nor an egotist. Your sensual pleasures are never the same, you like to inculpate the spirit of the unknown in your life.