Christmas Gifts for your Favourite FemDom

There is something mysterious, romantic and fun about a mask. This is a nice one, but I’ve seen others I liked just as much. A mask is a good gift because it is something for her (not something for you) plus it keeps in the context of the D/s play so you can both enjoy it.

Corsets are ‘in’ now. But, this one is special because it has those romantic, luxurious ribbons in the back. There are tighter corsets that push up the breasts more and cinch in the waist more, but I’d prefer this corset with it’s great colour, far more.

Fetish Alliance – On Gifting a FemDom

Just two so far. I will post more as I find them.

Canadian Soap Star

Bree Williamson – A Toronto grrl does the soaps. I’ve been watching her for a few years on and off. It’s nice to see a Canadian making all those big bucks working on US TV. She was being interviewed on one of those TV blab shows tonight so I looked her up for fun. Her sister on the soap is Melissa Archer, a stunning redhead, though she isn’t Canadian. I like seeing two sisters but they have very few storylines together. It’s kind of disappointing that way.

Found this short video she made for Breast Cancer Awareness. I can’t hear it but will save the link to play it again when I get my own computer hooked up again.