Found: The Webby Dream Job

This was on Craigslist.

The Sympatico/MSN team is currently seeking out 2 full time positions for the role of Content Manager. This is a full time position at Bell Canada.

About Sympatico/MSN is the most visited Internet destination in Canada, reaching 85% of online Canadians. The homepage itself is seen over 400 million times a month. The website was born in 2004 as a merger of and, which had been the #1 and #2 web portals in Canada. Sympatico/MSN combines MSN’s industry leading tools such as MSN Messenger, Hotmail, and MSN Spaces with Sympatico’s deep content offerings from leading providers such as CTV, the CBC, and magazines such as Elle Magazine and Canadian Living. Sympatico High Speed customers also benefit from exclusive video content, provided as a free benefit for being a Sympatico customer.

The Internet has emerged as a credible media source, attracting an increasing number of Canadians. This has made traditional advertisers notice. Our business expects to double in size over the next two years.

About the Role: Content Manager

The content in the Sympatico/MSN website is divided into subject specific verticals or channels. The content manager is responsible for building an audience in their channel and managing its day to day operations. The success of this role is measured in part by the channel’s metrics in viewership, revenue, and impact to the success of the Consumer Internet Services group.

The responsibility of overall channel management is shared with a Product Manager, who will focus on revenue, partner business relationships, and overall channel strategy.
Key Responsibilities
1) Content Management: Update, Edit and Create
a. Choose which articles to include in the channel, along with appropriate images
b. Submit articles for homepage promotion
c. Create new articles, when necessary
d. Add new content partners to the channel
-creating co-brands
-managing the feed or content submission process
e. New section or sub-section creation
f. New feature creation
g. Evaluate new content

2) Channel Management: Develop, Maintain and Research
a. Work with content partners to identify new content requirements
b. Create and maintain an editorial calendar
c. Consult on new content partnerships, with Product Manager, assessing content and technical requirements

3) Development: Build, Innovate and Improve
a. Write requirements for new features and tools
b. Provide feedback to improve internal software usability
c. Creation of new page and feature styles
d. Prioritize and schedule new feature builds

4) Maintenance
a. Review internal programs to do spot checks of the channel to identify problems
– Making the fix happen, or arranging for the necessary resource to be assigned
b. Handle requests for Sales sponsorships
c. Review documentation (both requirements and usage scenario docs) for accuracy, usability

• 5 years experience in Internet Media
• Excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing
• Content editorial skills on style, grammar, and writing effectively for the web
• Working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
• Project Coordination
• Knowledge of and ability to apply usability best practices
• Broadband content development for the web

About the Work Environment

The Bell Canada team works at Toronto’s Harbourfront. The team has a great work/life balance, where the 9 to 5 day is the norm and not the exception.

Full time employees benefit from job security, a generous training plan, and a comprehensive benefits package from Bell Canada, which includes a competitive bonus plan.

From our partnership with MSN, the team benefits from leading Microsoft productivity tools, and knowledge-sharing of global best practices from the MSN network.

About You

We’re looking for people passionate about the Internet and media, people who are willing to ride the next wave of growth in the Internet. You are expected to expect the unexpected, work outside your job description, and constantly look for ways to innovate our business.

If you are the ideal candidate, you have over 5 years experience in Internet media, with a proven track record at a recognized company or agency. You’ve had some great jobs, but now you’re looking for a leadership career with a company which provides a work/life balance and encourages a career path. Bell Canada is transforming itself around the Internet, which will continue to create new career opportunities.

* Job location is Toronto Harbourfront
* Compensation: Competitive with market

A Home Business and Self Employment in Ontario?

Are they even the same thing according to the government and the experts? I’ve put off finding out about the business/ practical aspects of freelance writing. I didn’t make enough money to worry about for taxes. But, it’s time to take a look at all that stuff, for lack of a more descriptive word. I’m going to make an appointment at Focus and see what else I can find out.

Canada Business – Resources for starting your own business from the Canadian Government website.

Starting a Business– from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development.

Business Development Bank of Canada for the Woman Entrepeneur.

Small Business Agency of Ontario.

Social and Enterprise Development Innovations – For low income individuals who want to become self employed.

Exploring Self Employment


Colophon: 1) An inscription formerly placed at the end of a book showing the title, printer’s name, date, etc. 2) An emblematic device adopted by a publisher, usually printed on the title page of his books.

Says my Funk and Wagnalls: Canadian College Dictionary.

I’ve been bumping into this word a few times lately. So I looked it up for an official definition. People seem to be using it as a fancy word for their blog profile. I would like it if the word was more old fashioned sounding in some way. Maybe one of those rustic compound words sledgehammer. (First one that came to mind).

I guess it’s trendy. But, not a descriptive looking word. I don’t think it will really catch on except among those who want to sound ever so very literary.

Canadian TV, Seldom Heard



I’ve seen HelpTV before. Today CareersTV came on. Both are interesting shows and kept me sitting, watching. I even made notes about a few things. The odd thing is that I never hear about them except for the times they are actually on. While the shows are running they advertise themselves quite often. An hour later, no one would know a thing about them. Not a very effective ad campaign.

But, if you are available to watch when you can find them, they were pretty good for Canadian TV.

Canadian Conversation


It could be great. But, even the Arts, Culture and Society category has mainly political posts. Most of the posts in there are about political blogs, not much about arts, culture or society. That would be ok if most the other categories here weren’t about politics, more directly.

Maybe I’m abnormal, but politicians don’t care what I think and I return the favour.

Anyway, the idea behind this is good. It just needs more content which is not geared to politics.