Christmas Card Trees


These free-standing paper Christmas trees add colorful, country charm to your Christmas decor. Cut various size circles out of Christmas cards, scalloping the edges of some. From the center of each circle cut out a 3/16-inch pie-shaped wedge. Curl the circle into a cone shape (pattern side up), overlap the ends, and tape the back.

To make the base, cut a 2-inch foam ball in half and a 1/8-inch dowel to desired height. Place the foam ball flat side down, add a drop of hot glue to an end of the dowel, and push the dowel through the foam ball until it stops. Slide the largest cone shape down the dowel, and then twist a small rubber band around the dowel; continue alternating progressively smaller cone shapes with rubber bands. Top the paper Christmas tree with the smallest cone shape and a ribbon.

via Christmas Card Projects: Decorative Ways to Recycle Christmas Cards.

Merry Creepy Christmas 2012

This was originally published on HubPages, for Christmas 2012.

This makes me think it's something right out of a creepy Doctor Who Christmas special. It just needs a weeping angel tree topper. Source: Art Ware Editions
This makes me think it’s something right out of a creepy Doctor Who Christmas special. It just needs a weeping angel tree topper.
Source: Art Ware Editions

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. But, some people find the Christmas season frightening, creepy and spooky too. Some people don’t like Christmas because it’s scary.

Christmas can be overwhelming. Endlessly repeating Christmas carols, shopping mall Santas, hungry reindeers, cold-hearted snowmen, stunted looking elves and any other ghastly or terribly ugly Christmas related horrors.

This year we put up two Christmas wreaths, mostly decorated with Christmas lights and gingerbread men we made from felt, beads and other accessories. But, they didn’t look much like the creepy one I found on Deviant Art and we didn’t have zombies on our wreaths. We don’t have zombies on the Christmas tree either. Of course, our tree doesn’t have quite the glow (sort of a manic glow) as this tree all in red lights with a spooky tree topper too. I like of like the creepy dolls on the tree, though I may not rush out to get them this year.

weeping angelsDo you like a Christmas advent calendar? I do. I usually get one every year. There’s a little surprise behind every window. Ever since I was a kid and bought my first advent calendar at the German Christmas Bazaar I’ve made sure to have an advent calendar with little chocolates behind each window every holiday. But, I never thought to look for a Creepy Advent Calendar. A bit late to start it now, but it will probably be around next year – lurking around your windows and doors no doubt.

gingerzombies1It’s not hard to find creepy Christmas cards. Some of them don’t even intend to be creepy, spooky or just plain weird, but they are. Sometimes the artist just draws Santa’s face with an odd leering, grumpy or wicked expression. Sometimes it’s more, so much more sinister. Not every Santa is created like a jolly old elf in a red suit.

gingerzombies2When you get your creepy Christmas cards all written, stamped and addresses, don’t forget to finish them off and give them that extra creepy polish with creepy Christmas mail art.

I even found killer Christmas tree business cards available for the ordering.

Christmas can be Weird

ghastly stocking


Droodles for Xmas

I didn’t hear the explosion in downtown Barrie last night though I was working about a block away from the five corners where the taxi driver said it happened. I saw plenty of smoke and flashing lights as we drove along a street north of Dunlop. It smelled good, like a wood burning fireplace, not a lot of chemical smells then and where I was at the time. I left work about 20 minutes after it happened. Then forgot to check for information online about it until now when Lucy mentioned it. I guess I will hear about it at work as I am soon leaving to catch the bus.

I was working on sending out Christmas cards today. Most of them are ready to go, realized I had forgotten one and will see if I still have time to hunt down the address. Still have to hunt for a postal code for a last family card but at least it is in the area so not getting late for sending those out yet.

I made droodles in some of the cards. (Droodles = drawings by a not quite drooling idiot). They aren’t all awful and at least it will give everyone something to laugh about. If certain other people (like Skye) want a card they need to send me their address really soon. The mail box is right at my bus stop today, very convenient at this time of year.

The Friday Plan

We’re having our Christmas dinner/ lunch at work today. It starts at noon and then starts again at 5:00 so everyone (on every shift) can have dinner. Last year it was great, they cooked 5 turkeys. Sometimes it’s nice working for a department store, especially one with it’s own restaurant.

So that’s what I’ll be doing today. First lunch at the store then Farida and I are going to do our Christmas cards. Mine are mostly ready cause I realized most of my addresses are on the computer and since I don’t have a functional printer I wouldn’t be able to take them with me. Likely we’ll be chatting more than working anyway. After that I wanted to do something with Zack. But, as usual, he has some activity after school and all I can really do is chauffeur him there and back. Not much fun for me but it’s something. Funny how life/ fate likes to take you at your word sometimes.

Lastly, the plan is to chat at BackWash. I’m not working till 3:00 in the afternoon on Saturday so I can stay up a little late. Not too late cause I’m working till 11:00 at night most of the week at the store. Really long nights! But it will be over after Christmas, well Boxing Day too. Maybe New Years… but then it will be done with for another year, literally.