Historically Interesting Casinos in Canada

Canada does not have a long history of actual buildings being made as casinos. We do have gambling far back in our history. John Cabot (circa 1497) noticed the native Canadians used sticks and pebbles to play games of chance.

The Canadian Criminal Code banned every form of gambling in 1892.

However, during  the days of the Klondike Gold Rush (1897 – 1899) Faro was a popular game of chance. By 1900 charities were holding bingo games and raffles. Next came horse racing and by 1925 agricultural fairs and exhibitions were permitted to hold gambling events.

Lotteries began in Canada in 1969. The government amended the Criminal Code to allow themselves to fund special projects from money made through lotteries. In 1974 the Olympics in Montreal were funded with lottery money.

In modern days most provinces have casinos.

Some are still government run, it depends on the province. Canadian casinos can be partially owned by private enterprise, government and the native Canadians who have special rights set out by the government. If you look for casinos in Canada you may find more online casinos than brick and mortar or land-based casinos. Like working from home you don’t actually have to get dressed up (or dressed at all) to play when your casino is online: www.gamingclub.com/nz/online-pokies

history of gambling in Canada

I grew up in the Toronto area where my family and I would attend the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) each summer at least once. My sister’s favourite part of the CNE were the games. Although the midway games had to gear down for children to play, there was a casino for the adults too. I never saw the inside of it. Each year it would be packed up again and disappear until the next summer.

Now I live near the Barrie casino, the Georgian Downs. I see the horse and buggy races now and then. In season you can drive right by on the main highway through Barrie and pass close enough to Georgian Downs to see the horses racing, warming up or exercising.

My plan was to write about historical casinos in Canada but once I started looking for them I found there aren’t any which are very old.

The first commercial casino opened in 1993, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The second to open and credited as the largest casino is in Montreal. It’s called The Montreal Casino and is located in Montreal, Quebec.  Open 24 hours a day, to those who are 18 years of age or older,  since October, 1993.

Russian Dolls

Russian nesting dolls, traditionally called Matryoshka nesting dolls. I used to want a set of these for ever so long. Finally I bought one at the CNE several years ago. Now I still have it, packed away somewhere. Maybe it will turn up once I move and have a place of my own to unpack things to. That would be nice. Not that I have all the furniture/ storage to put everything. But, it’s the idea of it all.

Half a Cursed Year

It’s nearly August, are you excited?

Summer is more than half over. The days are getting shorter instead of longer. Soon (in Toronto) the CNE will begin again.

I don’t have much to chit chat about tonight. I think I am going down to Toronto, the Beaches apartment, on Wednesday. Some cleaning, looking around and hoping the new leak outside is fixed, again, this time. Is this move cursed? Is it strange that I’ve been moving down there since May and something always comes up to stop it? Even this time when I had decided that I was moving no matter what isn’t done or what any brother says. Even this time when the guy actually showed up to do the work and finish everything the way it was going to be finished months ago but this time it actually would have happened and been done. Only there was a new leak and he couldn’t do all the finishing up work he had gone there to do.

Have you ever felt cursed?

I tend to have a rotten first half of the new year. This isn’t the first time I’ve wondered about the curse situation in my life. But, things tend to pick up in the second half of the year. So that’s a good sign for the current year and this whole move thing. In theory.