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Originally published at Word Grrls.

My Comment is Inappropriate???

I do not like comment moderation, especially the automatic kind. I have had to resort to using it on my WordPress blog because WordPress is a target in itself. Here I get almost zero comment spam. On Word Grrls I get about a hundred a day. It’s bonkers. Still, I moderate and watch for anything missed by the bot. I do not use word or other verification or CAPTCHA’s.

Tonight I tried to leave a comment on another site, Never Say Diet. I came to the site from a post on Twitter. I read the blog post and clicked in to leave a comment. I gave my name, email address and website. Then I did the math question to verify my comment and then I was given this lovely note:

Your posting was blocked by our spam filter.

Your posting on Never Say Diet from xxx.xx.xx.xx has been automatically flagged by our spam filters as being inappropriate for this website.

At Never Say Diet we work very hard behind the scenes to keep our web pages free of spam. Unfortunately, sometimes we accidentally block legitimate content. If you are attempting to post legitimate content to this website, you can help us to improve our spam filters by emailing the following information to a site administrator:

So my comment is inappropriate? In what way would that be?

Maybe the sales woman was shorter and didn’t understand the idea of taller women needing larger sizes. If she only looked at you for fit versus flab she could have goofed up. I like Skinny Large. It’s like me when I order a large latte with skim milk.

Ooooh Yeah. Just highly toxic, nearly pornographic in nature! Remove the children from the room!

I sent the automated reply note to the admin, it asked me to justify myself.  To prove that I’m not a spammer. I chose not to.

What is really annoying is that they may be passing my IP address to spam watch lists now. That really does piss me off. I’ve never left a spam comment and now I am being painted with that brush for some pissy site who can’t be bothered to moderate their own comments.

If a site doesn’t want comments they should just say so upfront, or turn them off.Why piss off readers, especially the readers who choose to leave comments.

Just Another Day of Talking to Machines that don’t Listen

I’m working on my scanner. It doesn’t like it if I put the paper on it in a certain way. It takes real offense if I put any paper too close to the hinge in back. Having made the mistake of doing so a few times, most recently as very early this morning, I have tried to remember not to keep committing this grievous error. I don’t have that great of a memory, sadly.

So I am working on getting my scanner to be happy and functional once more.

Meanwhile I am reading blogs, dropping on Entrecard blogs and commenting on all the blogs as I think of something remarkably useful and wise. So, not all that many comments as you can guess.

My nephew Zack is staying with us awhile. He is beginning training to be a lifeguard. They say 12 is a great age to start taking the courses as there are several and he could easily be done by the time he is 16 if he takes one or two courses each summer. Zack is a great swimmer and he is the one who got his Grandmother (not me, remember… the Aunt, not the age of a Grandmother yet) to over come her fear of the water.

Anyway, just a few minutes left before he goes to his class for the day. He is actually going in early today to put in volunteer time teaching the little kids to swim.

Looks like the scanner has come to it’s senses again… err… I mean it will honour me by working now.

Advice to Blog Writers and Readers

I’ve been trying to read the blogs as I drop cards through Entrecard. That’s why I am commenting more and then coming back here with it when I think I wrote something I’d actually like to remember myself. This comment I posted to Temerity Jane, in a post about lying to your blog readers and trying to make yourself out to be a blog star. Makes me think of someone (more than one) who began calling himself an “Internet Personality”. What does that really mean? It’s just BS, designed to blow up their own ego. At the end of her post Temerity Jane asked her readers to post their best advice for bloggers and readers. Mine follows:

I think we need to remember that we are people, both the readers and the bloggers. When you write be true to who you are. Don’t go too far with the idea of writing to an audience. If you aren’t writing to yourself it’s going to be meaningless.

Readers are looking for all kinds of things when they come to a blog. There is no way you can be what everyone wants so don’t try. Organize your content so it is easy for readers to read and find. Try to declutter your sidebar and keep the blog looking clean. Keep the content as the focus not the gadgets. (I’m not the best example there cause I enjoy the gadgets and avatars for myself).


OpenID: an actually distributed identity system

This sounds really interesting. I have to read more. So far, it seems to work with LiveJournal. I’m not sure if it works with other blog software now or if that is all just in the planning stages.

Also, can bloggers use this as commenting software or does it only work one way, for those leaving comments.

Anyway, definitely an interesting service to stumble upon this morning.

Blog Commenting

For several months I have blissfully left this blog without commenting available. I did this cause I got tired of filtering out spam and then I had someone posting nonsense and another one who was posting just to prove he/ she knew more curse words than anyone else did. I was not impressed and I really did not want to waste my time teaching better manners to the masses.

Today, I turned comments back on. In a small space of time I’ve had three comments. One per entry. Each has been spam. The comments are barely the tiniest bit relevant if you stretch your mind and try to find some relevance. People, I don’t need this. I don’t care what you’re spamming, I don’t want to waste time filtering out the hideous mess.

So, as requested, I will leave comments as an option. But, I will make it a requirement that you are registered with Blogger. That should get rid of some of you. I don’t even mean that in a nice way. If you post garbage to someone’s blog you are a jerk, plain and simple. It is using people. Using the work, time and creativity which I put into this web-ness. I find that obnoxious behaviour. So, to be blunt, piss off.

Note: Self promotion is not the same as spamming. If you make a relevant post or a friendly hello and want to add a link back to your own blog or site that is fine. But don’t expect me to leave posts that are purely meant as spam here.