Red Roses from My Brother's Garden

I took masses of pictures with the digital camera this afternoon. A ton from my Mother’s garden and another ton from my brother’s garden but of all of them only one showed up on the camera. I am pretty sure it’s me that goofed. I should have double clicked or held the button down longer. Now that it’s too late (not that I can’t retake most of them tomorrow) I remember (kind of) reading that in the camera instructions. So, all I have for all those excellently framed and composed shots is one picture of red roses which I took in my brother’s backyard. I used Picasa to get them from the camera to the computer and that seemed to work out fine. I’m quite sure it’s just my oen goof up that did in the others. It’s too bad cause some of the fancy plants in my Mother’s garden will not be in bloom tomorrow. They are often a one day event.

reBOOT Canada

reBOOT Canada

If you need a computer and can scrape up $75 you can get one through Reboot. They have places in Toronto, London, Peterborough and Montreal. This is the main site. The computers are not top of the line, ready for the latest games and downloading huge files – you get a computer for emailing and such. Enough computer for your buck.

If You’re Reading This…

If you’re reading this…

Likely you have had an Internet addiction at some point, if not now.

Likely you met a Canadian once, or you are a Canadian in which case you’ve met a lot of Canadians.

Likely you have a computer. (That was an easy one).

Likely you have been evolving some kind of typing skills and maybe a really unique typing style.

Likely you read, things other than weblogs, as well as weblogs.

Likely you imagine I’m a stunning red head due to my stick figure grrl. I’m not actually a red head.

Likely you have had to kill at least one insect while you were online in the evening and the glow from the monitor drew in those annoying little flies.

Likely you have done something creative, maybe even today.

Likely you have a family and didn’t actually hatch out of an egg. (OK, that one was stretching).

Likely you have some wrist or neck or back strain from spending too much time on the computer. (Look into moving your monitor higher or getting a different set up for your mouse).

Likely you have used some kind of Internet jargon and thought you were clever.

Likely you can spell more words correctly than incorrectly.

Likely you speak English, if not another language on the side.

Likely you’ve stopped reading long before now and I’m just typing to myself. A lot like having your passenger fall asleep during a long car ride.

Likely you suspected this was the end.

You were right.

Things that Suck

Skipping that whole straw controversy, these are things that make you want to haul off and bite them… not in a nice way.

Really huge insects that land on your computer monitor right in the middle of the sentence you’re typing.

Things that fall apart soon after you did a really great job of putting them all together, all by yourself, without even having to read those annoying instructions included.

Instructions in Korean. When you’re not in Korea.

Finding a great coupon for something you really like and then noticing it expired last week. Or last year in the case of some people who don’t tidy up their bits of paper all that often.

Stepping on something squishy, especially when it’s road kill.

Waiting in line 20 minutes and then being told you’re in the wrong line and will have to come back tomorrow cause it’s nearly closing time now.

Finding a living creature in the hamburger you’ve half eaten.

Getting all the numbers right on your lottery ticket only to have the lottery store clerk tell you it’s Lotto 649 not the Super 7.

Getting a roll of quarters at the bank to do laundry and being one quarter short for your last load.

Some know-it-all smart ass who doesn’t mean it in a nice way.

Losing something you know you put away carefully.

Change Your Title as Often as you Change your Undies

Titles get kind of bland after awhile. Too bad they can’t be more like soap operas, recycled dramatic endings.

Today I am going out to do laundry, again. Why can’t it just stay done? Also, I wouldn’t mind doing the laundry if I could at least come home, stick it in the machine and have it all politely folded and put away in neat and tidy piles. I started hanging up most of my clothes just cause I got tired of all that tidy folding into piles. Hanging can be more arty. It’s ok if they aren’t all perfect on their hangers. Instead you can hang them in creative ways, with the colours in patterns or randomly placed. You can even go by length and have the short things and long things arranged artistically too. I go for the total chaos look. It’s very arty.

I’m also getting groceries, after the laundry. It’s too bad there isn’t anything especially creative about grocery shopping. But, you can take a sort of road trip with the shopping cart. Some people try to get into race car driving this way. But really, you just can’t get much speed out of one of those carts. Road tripping is better.

Tour down each aisle. Pick out the interesting ingrediants, pickled items and assorted ketchups, mustards and fancy pepper. The jam aisle is interesting. Don’t spend too much time looking at the standards. Did you ever try ginger preserves? Then there are hot sauces, not my thing but my brother loves them. Look at the unique and odd things. Not so different from a road trip, stopping to see the farm produce, the tourist attractions and tiny towns that seem to have nothing till you stop and look.

This Post Has Lost it’s Title

It’s 1:30 AM. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the planet who plans to spend the early hours of this morning driving out to the bank (at least there won’t be any traffic this early) and then coming home to plunger the toilet.

Also, I admit I was just admiring my own boobs. Really, not bad for an old dame. Not boobs of steel but they have some perk left even without a bra. I’d add a scan but it’s not on this computer. You just can’t keep some things on the family-shared computer.

I’m tired and could stumble my way around in the dark and find my bed. But, I have to go to the bank so we have cash when the septic sucking man comes in the morning to rescue us from the possible raw sewage our house wants to inflict upon us. Having never seen that kind of raw sewage I’m not minding to go out to the bank and get cash, even though I am tired.

I was reading a book which took place during a Ren Faire. I’d like to get to one of those, sometime. Even dress up in costume. Princess for a day. I’d show them the true meaning of high maintenance. Once I found a way to catch their attention and make them rush to grant my every whim and wish. Yes, it’s a fantasy, but it’s mine… all mine!

Time to go. Finished the coffee.

Be kind to your plumbing. You never know when it may get tired of you and strike back.

Hometown Computer Withdrawl

I miss my computer. It’s upstairs, ripped out from it’s umbiblical connection to the electric power of the great wall of… whatever great wall we have here in Canada, near me.

I keep thinking of things I would do if I was on my own computer. But, I’m not.

I’ve begun to have dreams about my computer. I think it’s sending me psychic vibes to rescue it from the dark hallway of powerlessness and quiet silence. It wants to beep again!

Poor thing.

Did you know that Skye gave the bird…
a new nest? She’s very brave. If you saw the picture of those baby birds you know they were truly ugly. About as far from cute and cuddly as you can get without running out of runway. You could say, Skye is for the birds. If you were so inclined.

Any Flimsy Excuse to Squish a Bug on your Monitor

You know you’re evil when something like “kitten in a sandwich” makes you laugh. Just so you know, I’m evil.

Today, now that I finally began moving things downtown to the apartment, I found a really interesting job here in town. I’m going to apply, to see what happens. Sort of a ‘why not?’ Why not? It’s a community news reporter, freelane for the local newspaper. Too bad I don’t still have the car, that’s one of the job requirements.

I am tired tonight. Tomorrow Gloria is picking me up at 9:30 and we are going out to Barrie to poke around the second hand shops. I’m getting pretty low on dough though, capitalist paper dough. The other kind I can manufacture myself, by the dozens even.

Are you watching Canadian Idol? I liked a redhead girl from London, Ontario but I don’t think she made it into the last batch of kids. I’m not sure cause it got pretty confusing at the end. I’m not even sure if I had her name right, Jen I think.

I like blogging at night. The TV is on behind me. Some foreign movie that I can’t understand but it’s making enough noise to remind me I’m not alone in the world. There may even be subtitles if I was turned around to read them. I’m not though. Too tired/ lazy/uninterested. The only problem are the dratted little flies and other buggie things. They love the light of my monitor. It sucks them in and then I slap them down. Not very nice of me, I know. But, the creatures keep drowning in my coffee mug and really… that’s just downright nasty of them. I have to choose between not drinking my coffee, plucking out their little black carcasses or just drinking them. I admit sometimes I just drink them. Protein and completely free and available. Suddenly I’m reminded of dating.