Too Evil?

I don’t enter writing contests. I’d rather not wait to hear from someone and trust they have not used my story or ideas for themselves. Also, those contests that require an entry fee really bother me. I can understand your time to review the entris is worth something but, my time is worth something too.

Anyway, I found this contest on Jaded Writings. Nice time for Halloween stories. this is an idea I had awhile ago and had begun writing about. For the contest it has to be under 500 words. So that was a bit of a writing exercise.

Is it too evil? Or is it just cause it’s a woman, does the role reversal make it seem worse, more wicked, evil and nasty?

Laura Brown

The car wash was quiet, peaceful. Too early for the birds to be chasing worms and yet there would be coffee shops open along her way home. Amazing how someone, some where, was always working.

His blood was surprisingly easy to wash off the car. Everything she’d packed inside was clean. All his shiny new kitchen appliances, hers now, were gleaming on the backseat. Why had an old bachelor bought so many appliances anyway? Just to entice her to visit him? It had worked. She thought it would be something to do on a weekend when she had no money to do anything else. It hadn’t been planned, but, all in all, murder wasn’t so hard. Not pleasant certainly, but not difficult.

Gail added another round of quarters, just to be sure she hadn’t missed a spot. All those crime shows seemed too good at shining fancy light around and finding all kinds of blood spatters, drops and other nuisances. They’d have no luck finding her. She had no connection to good old Ed. Just a few emails exchanged, a casual meeting in a public place. Besides, his computer was stuffed in the back of his car along with all the other goodies she’d packed while he finished dying.

Gail drove home, letting the car air dry, listening to the news reports. How long would it take for someone to find lonely old and dead Ed?

It was so much nicer to be driving a new car. Her old heap would never have made it through another winter. She’d never be able to sell the old guy’s car of course. Not having the paperwork was a small problem she could ignore. What was a grrl to do if she needed to get around and keep her crummy job?

A few weeks later, Gail’s email box had six notes from men who were willing, able and begging for the attention of a good woman. Her regular mail was just full of bills she couldn’t pay. At the end of the week she had picked her man.

Just like Ed, he lived on his own, he was lonely and looking for some female company. Dwayne had a nice modern house had just bought himself a fancy new computer and all the associated gadgets. It was the computer that swayed Gail in his direction. Hers was already four years old, bought just after the divorce when she still had a little money.

It was a beautiful drive on an Autumn day. Leaves swept across the road, the air felt fresh and charged with energy. A great day for a drive in another new car.

Borrowed Computers

Borrowing a computer is always interesting. You gain new respect for your own computer and chances are you find new things you’d like to migrate along to your own set up. On this computer I like that the MS text file opens in a different font. Mine is always FixedSys which is perfectly fine for making ASCII art, but not much else. It’s a very thick font. This computer uses a much nicer font, plain but nice.

My desk is a lot neater, which isn’t saying a lot since my desk is not about to win any tidy awards.

I hope to be back at my own computer today, sometime. I should be getting paid something for the babysitting yesterday, not sure what though. I had asked for more than just gas money this time. Really that only seems fair. I didn’t want to come down to Newmarket again, right after leaving the day before.

My brother is coming over for breakfast this morning. I’m not sure who is cooking. I loaded the dishwasher. Tidying up someone’s house is tricky. You never know where things are supposed to go and when you guess at it peopel get frustrated. As if you should just KNOW. I’m not sure how I should just know. I just should. ESP would make life simpler. That or a lobotomy and then if they even asked me to do anything, I wouldn’t care what they thought or felt about how I did it. I do wonder if I’m the only one who thinks being part of a large family should require a lobotomy. Maybe it’s much different if you aren’t already the ‘black sheep’. I’ve never done anything bad, just all wrong.

I am looking forward to the drive back to Alliston. Driving is nice. Tailgaiters aside. I’d like a bumper sticker that says “If you can read this, back off”. Or something along those lines. Most people seem to drive like a herd of cattle, nose to butt. I love a lot of space in front and behind me. I like to see where I’m going and have lots of room to suddenly change my mind and head in another direction, stop for coffee or investigate whatever the road signs offer. Lots of things. Driving gives people a freedom yet they want to make it constricted. I don’t get it.

Just like I don’t get people being nasty. How does that ever really work out? Everyone likes to be treated fairly and respectfully and politely yet they so often seem to think it only needs to be directed at them, not from them. I get annoyed with nasty people. I’ve learned to be polite and respectful while not giving them what they want. Being nasty and rude should never gain you anything. I’m sure they will all suffer for it later. I don’t believe in heaven or hell but I’m sure there is something out to get them, eventually. No doubt it will be very nasty.

Not Today…

I’m having a yucky day. It’s only just after 8:am. The sun is just rolling out of bed, making it’s first cup of coffee and putting on it’s jacket for a day outside. But, I am already in the yucky day zone.

I have allergies, my skin crawls with itchiness. My skin is dried out and yet I have the little zits of “that time of the month”. I’m ever so delighted. This is a time when the whole cloning thing starts to sound like a good idea. Just move into someone else’s skin awhile. You be me for the day and I will just merrily go along not being me today.

Some alien has taken over my computer. It’s very busy doing something yet I’m not doing anything but typing into this window. Nothing else should be running and yet it’s making all kinds of busy noises and that light is flashing as if I were making it open several graphic loaded webpages. Go home little green people, bug someone else’s computer today.

Plus, I am driving out to Newmarket again to babysit. Yes, I just got back from there yesterday evening. Yes, the price of gas is slightly down yet not down enough. Yes, the poor damned car is not making friendly happy noises and does sound like a car that wants to retire, any moment now. (It’s interesting how birth and death are so alike on some level). Yes, the newly fixed brakes seem to be loosening up to the point where I am putting my foot down more and more. Far more than I do in the rest of my life where I seem to fall into the category of doormat.

There can not be a shower hot enough or strong enough to fix this day!!!

I almost forgot, I am supposed to go to Zellers and ask for my job back. The job I quit in July cause I could not breathe (physically, and in so many other ways). Talk about being an adult and having to do things you don’t want to do. This is definitely the high point of my yucky day.

It looks dark and stormy outside (which I would actually enjoy if the car wipers were working better).

Can I have the option to be me tomorrow instead of today? Where did I leave that wind up clone?

After Death

People wonder about what happens after you die. It is the last unexplored territory really. Everyone gets there but no one knows anything about it. Everything we have is just theory.

So, to save time, I have decided to know what happens after death. (Think of all the time I can spend doing something other than wondering about it all now!)

I have concluded, after much careful consideration and other legal mumbling, that those of us who were good (I can’t even be nasty when I try!) will get to do all the fun things we always wanted to do but were too good to really just go ahead and do in life. In short, I will be a useless yet very famous rock goddess. I will sing and people will give me buckets of cash, new cars, fancy clothes, the latest in computer gadgetry and beg me to sign autographs (of course I will have a rubber stamp created). I will have all the fame and fortune I have not had in this goodie goodie life.

So, there you go. Now you know. All that goodness pays off in the end. What a relief!