The Friday Plan

We’re having our Christmas dinner/ lunch at work today. It starts at noon and then starts again at 5:00 so everyone (on every shift) can have dinner. Last year it was great, they cooked 5 turkeys. Sometimes it’s nice working for a department store, especially one with it’s own restaurant.

So that’s what I’ll be doing today. First lunch at the store then Farida and I are going to do our Christmas cards. Mine are mostly ready cause I realized most of my addresses are on the computer and since I don’t have a functional printer I wouldn’t be able to take them with me. Likely we’ll be chatting more than working anyway. After that I wanted to do something with Zack. But, as usual, he has some activity after school and all I can really do is chauffeur him there and back. Not much fun for me but it’s something. Funny how life/ fate likes to take you at your word sometimes.

Lastly, the plan is to chat at BackWash. I’m not working till 3:00 in the afternoon on Saturday so I can stay up a little late. Not too late cause I’m working till 11:00 at night most of the week at the store. Really long nights! But it will be over after Christmas, well Boxing Day too. Maybe New Years… but then it will be done with for another year, literally.

After the Blackout

I’m back. The power is still on. We seemed to be the last area to get power back today. Some had it before morning even. But for us it went off around 4 in the afternoon and came back shortly before 4 the next afternoon.

No doubt there are more dramatic and riveting accounts than mine. We were ok. No dead fish in the aquarium (no aquarium here). No washing machine stopped mid-load and left full of mouldering clothes. No freezer full of $1,000 of meat, going bad. I have heard others talking about each of those situations. For me it was not being able to wash or use the computer to communicate. Of course I missed playing games too but mostly I kept thinking of how I’d like to check all this out on the Internet and find out what was happening and when it would be fixed. Here I am now and I’m just doddering around really. Funny how that seems to work.