What Dorky Stuff Do you Secretly Covet and Collect?

Believe it or not, these are called Big Eyed Girls. They are prints by an artist named Eden (I don’t know the rest of his or her name). I only have a couple now, both the same Harlequin style. I had more but my sister decided she liked them and took a couple. We had bought a bunch of stuff at a garage sale and she was sure she had bought them and I was sure I had bought them. Anyway, I’d like more big eyed girls, the same style. There are others who have done them and continue to recreate the look. But, for some reason I just like these ones with the Harlequin and ballerina clothes.

Adventures in Skimming

Another oldie. I saved them all for some reason.

Adventures in Skimming
Saturday August 11, 2001

Why are people always telling me to follow instructions. I skim, isn’t that enough? You don’t mean you expect me to actually read all of that stuff on my screen?

I know some people who really do read all the instructions cover to cover before they begin anything. I tried that in school but now I’m over it. I use common sense, logic and rely on the good luck of the Irish to see me through. Its worked out so far, most of the time. When something really gets screwed up I can either blab my way through or find some way to work around it.

Besides, its more of an adventure if you don’t quite know what you’re doing. If you start with all the answers you might miss an opportunity to learn from the struggle of screwing up… umm I mean, trying it yourself, your own unique way.

Anyway, I just don’t like someone telling me what to do. That sort of thing. Most of the time it all works out just great. I’ve had all kinds of adventures since getting started with computers. I dig into my registry for those stragglers of files I deleted. My husband just cringes each time I restart my computer. But, it always restarts.

Well, there was that one time but it wasn’t my dabbling in the registry it was a new program I loaded that just didn’t like me or my computer. Turns out it didn’t like anyone. When I reformatted the computer and got back online I discovered the program had some major bugs. It was killing everyone’s computer, not just mine. So, it wasn’t just because I didn’t read the instructions. I did, momentarily, wish I had taken those reviews on the site seriously. But, that would have meant reading all of them, not just skimming the first couple. Oh well, it all worked out in the end. I learned how to reformat my hard drive. Yet another adventure!

The internet itself is full of adventures. At times I’ve wished there was more than email, newsgroups and the web. I know there are MUDs on telnet and those other fading sections of the net. I’ve never been able to get any telnet client to fully function. Maybe, someday, I will read the instructions. Maybe, not likely.

Anyway, there is so much just on the web itself. I can start on a weblog and end up reading about the ultimate destruction of Yahoo, why aliens are green, how Canadians are plotting their own world dominance, or someone’s personal life struggles. There is nothing like a weblog, the next best thing is a personal website. People find the most amazing things to link to.

Well, looks like I’ve lost my focus yet again. Seems to happen to me all the time. I just start writing about one thing and ten other topics hijack my brain. So, what did I start writing about… Oh well, to find out I’d have to go back to the top and read all that stuff I already wrote. I’ll skim it when I finish downloading that new tetris freeware.

Good Morning!

Today I am sewing an apron, maybe more than one, for Christmas. I love to sew. But, for the past dozen or so years I’ve sewn everything by hand, no machine. My Mom bought me a wonderful sewing machine for Christmas while I was living in the US, married down there. But, I only used it briefly before the divorce and moving back to Ontario. Then, we thought it was missing for a couple of years. Turned out it was packed into something else which I hadn’t looked in. So, it’s now found.

Now, the trick is to thread the machine, to learn how to use it. Also, most of the sewing I’ve done has been mending clothes. It’s not the same as creating an article of clothing. Mending is pretty much sewing a straight seam with small, strong stitches. Same for hemming, which I’ve also done plenty of. Button sewing too, of course. None of those have kept me in practice for creating aforementioned apron.

That’s why I’ve procrastinated so many days. I knew about this a few days ago. My brother said he wanted an apron for Christmas, a nice fancy one. 😀 I love typing it that way, makes me laugh. He wants it for Sherry, his girlfriend. If it goes well and I’m doing ok with time I thought I would make two more for my sisters. I think I have enough stuff, certainly enough fabric. I’m a fabric addict, there are metres and metres of fabric stored away. Most of it is, sadly in half metres as I bought it with the idea of quilting (crazy quilts which use small pieces patched together and embroidered all over) or doll making and doll clothes (Raggedy Ann or any other rag doll facsimile).

It will be an interesting day. I can do it, I know the basics. I even have a book about sewing which I bought when I wanted to know how to thread the machine when I first got it. It’s all just a matter of starting. First, I made a fresh coffee, added a bit of pumpkin pie spice to flavour it up and inspire my creativity and inventiveness, both of which I will need. 🙂

Horoscope for December

Oxygen Horoscopes Provided by AstroStyle

December 2005 Horoscope:

Career challenges have kept you on the edge of your seat for the past couple months, making life feel like a bit of a roller coaster ride. This is all due to Mars taking an extended retrograde spell through your sixth house of work. Great news, Sagittarius! On December 9th, this phase ends, helping you feel like you have your feet planted firmly on the ground once again.

You may already have felt the beginnings of relief since November 22nd, when the Sun headed into Sagittarius. A long-standing conflict with a client or coworker is soon to be resolved. If you are a freelancer, you could score an important client this month, or renew a contract with an old one. If you work in an office, expect your job to feel a lot less monotonous. You may even be rewarded with a promotion or raise for pushing through so many grueling details over the past couple months. Get ready for a miracle, Sagittarius!

All this struggle has not been vain. There was a lesson to be learned. It’s time to stop defining yourself solely by what you do. While your career is an expression of you, it doesn’t actually make you who you are as a human being. With your ruling planet Jupiter in your twelfth house until late 2006, getting more in tune with your spiritual side could transform your entire life for the better. Put a practice into your days like short meditations or journal-writing to hear your inner voice. Like Sagittarius Tina Turner, who chanted her way to serenity and success, being grounded in your fundamental worthiness is key. You don’t have to do anything to prove that you are lovable, Sagittarius. Simply be and allow good things to come your way.

Though most people are waiting until January to kick off a fitness routine, you would actually benefit by getting an early start. After December 9th, start incorporating an exercise routine into your weeks. While there will lots of holiday sweets to snack on, don’t turn them into meal replacements. Stock your fridge with salads and healthy food. Don’t skip breakfast! Eating a bowl of oatmeal or whole grain cereal in the morning can start you off on the right foot.

If you are looking for love, the Full Moon in your partnership sign of Gemini could bring it on or near December 15th. Don’t expect this person to come in the usual package. What you consider “a little conservative” might actually be just what you need. Hey, you’ll get to be the wild and crazy one instead of the heavy, responsible one. That’s a nice change of pace for someone who craves both excitement and stability in her life as you do.

If you’re already in love, an overnight getaway to a rustic lodge could be the perfect birthday present for you. You love a road trip, so the drive should be as much fun as the destination. Pick somewhere with great scenery, an amazing country breakfast and a staff that lets you canoodle in the corner without rushing you to pay your bill.

Don’t overbook yourself on either Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. You’ll want to make them both restful, low-key affairs. If you’re hosting a gathering, enlist people early in the month to be your party-prepping patrol. You may need to slip away for a few powernaps and let someone else take on the entertaining duties. Falling asleep in a robe and bunny slippers, surrounded by a pile of ribbons and wrapping paper, will sound like your idea of the perfect Christmas Day.

That’s not to say you can’t have a glamorous time too. A festive dinner party with rich food and deep, red wines could be an ideal way to ring in the New Year. Make reservations at a restaurant and invite your ten favorite people to be a part of the celebration. Spend the whole day in spa mode, getting your nails and hair done, and soaking in the tub. Like Sagittarius Jennifer Connelly, you’ll radiate in chic black velvet. Pick out an elegant dress and have an intimate, beautiful night!

Best Date Night: 12/16 – Attraction returns with a vengeance and lukewarm feelings heat up. Self-control won’t be easy, but who needs it?!

Best Career Day: 12/6 – Bye-bye boredom You’re appreciated by employers and work feels like a brand new experience.

Best Girl-Bonding Day: 12/27 – Go into holiday recovery mode by catching a chick flick and scooping up a couple goodies at an after-Christmas sale.

The SeaMonkey Project

The SeaMonkey Project

I began the browser war about a week ago. I tried several suggestions. Just as I began to think MSIExplorer was still the best option, I loaded up the Mozilla Suite. That changed my mind. It was nearly perfect. I could even spellcheck everything without opening up another program. Just clicking the link to the Mozilla Composer gave me all I needed to make sure I was typo free. Then I set it up for email, though I never did get that to work fully. Still, it was enough to let me send email from my Gmail account without actually going to that site and logging in. Saved me a lot of bother. Things were fine. I’m still very pleased with the Mozilla Suite.

But, it niggled at me that there was an untried update. That SeaMonkey which is still in the testing stage and likely buggy as a vat of swamp water. But, I had to try it. So far it does have bugs. It does odd things and the Google toolbar was fussy to load and get working. It seems to be doing ok now though. At least I can recognize the icons again. The only thing still odd are a couple of icons from the browser itself. Seems it doesn’t like the ‘print’ and ‘stop’ buttons/ icons now that I loaded the OhCanada theme. Tough. That little monkey will just have to grow out of it. I think it will be just as good as the Mozilla Suite, in time.

So, that’s where I am. If you have some time for a browser war yourself let me know how it goes and which ones you try out. I deleted all of mine but for SeaMonkey, the Mozilla Suite and old reliable MSIExplorer.

Somewhere… Out There…

I’m sure there must be more people like me out there, somewhere. Surely at least a couple of them are male. Why do I keep meeting people who want me to be someone else, or expect me to fit some mould/ stereotype? I don’t want to. I like to do things my way, cause my way is good too. It’s not the only way, I’m not completely vain or blind to other options. But, I’m pretty clever in my own way. The odd way.

I am tired of trying to become what people want or expect me to. Or, maybe worse, accepting people (men) and making excuses and rationalizations for how it can work out, how I’m just thinking too much or trying to find someone who can’t really exist. As if I’M the one who is expecting too much. I try to wrap myself around their little finger. It’s damn time I took a coffee break on that.

Surely, there is a guy, who doesn’t live so far away as to require long distance relating, who could actually enjoy my company, as I am. The real me, dorky, nerdy, flawed, passionate, artsy, scared, stubborn, caring, unreasonable, impatient, eccentric, unorganized, sensual, quiet, independent, old fashioned, crafty and on and on. And on.

Why do I keep meeting odd guys who don’t care about the things that matter to me. Guys who seem to have more problems than I do, guys who want me to come to rescue them, guys who don’t care about good punctuation, guys who can’t carry a conversation above sex, guys who lie about things that don’t really matter, guys who think a woman’s body is all that matters. Guys who honestly, really and truly bore me. Why do I keep thinking that is all the choice I have? Why do I sell myself short?

I’m tired of it. But, I just can’t believe there really isn’t at least one guy out there who is abnormal in enough ways to mesh with all my abnormal. No normal, please, that would be boring. There must be an intelligent, interesting, passionate, optimistic guy out there. One who doesn’t need to put me down to make himself feel bigger or better. One who doesn’t mind some chaos and doesn’t think all the dishes have to be sorted by size and put away right away. One who likes to read and talk about ideas, the weather and other things of interest. Bedsport too but not as a focus, crowding out all else.

Anyway, here I am. Come and get me. I’ll leave a trail of typos, chocolate wrappers and spilled coffee. If you have/ know the words you’ll find the way.