From Michael MacRae

The short story only adds to the image. I just want to know more. It seems to be post apocalypse, but it could be something else.

“The days are regimented here and though you should expect him to leave me in the tundra if I were to fall behind, you could say I am well fed and energized, so do not worry. All that he provides in the way of foodstuffs is deer meat. I’ve relied on my rations of tin vegetables and and have taken up the hobby of fishing to satisfy a varied diet.
We hunt most hours of the day, he kills the animals leaving me to fix them to sleds and drag the carcasses, sometimes miles at a time back to the cave where he does not permit me to enter. I’ve been used as little more than a pack mule in these trips but from what I understand he brings me along to observe. It is difficult discerning him as he does not speak, or chooses not to, and he refrains from physical conversation beyond simple gestures when it pleases him. He engages in other activities on a mysterious schedule and he seems to make good use of any time I am away or the rare chance I may be caught sleeping. I’ve stepped outside for only minutes and returned to find a fully skinned and gutted carcass splayed upon the table with its spine removed and ground into sludge. He was sitting in his chair.
He acts like a shadow, constantly moving about the walls rather than cross the floor. If I don’t watch him closely it is easy to lose track of him, even in this confined cabin space. During the nights (if one can call them as such, they are little more than dim evenings here) he sits across from the bed, facing the snuffed out fireplace, barely visible in his dark and oiled wraps. Comfortable sleep has become a luxury, on more than one occasion I have awoke to find he had rotated to face me, his gaunt statuesque form with long fingers clutching the ends of the arm rests. I suppose it goes without saying that he does not make for good company.
I have yet to fully understand what we are doing here, I do hope it is revealed soon. As things are though, I may be here for some time.
– M”

afternoon_rituals_by_themichaelmacrae-d9koj5bSource: He Does Not Sleep by TheMichaelMacRae on DeviantArt

Travel in Bit Sized Bytes

I’m leaving here tomorrow afternoon. It will likely be a slow week for anyone looking for reading material in this blog. I’ve been feeling stretched like a deer skin over a hot fire at some ancient Native Indian camp. I’ve had to stop myself from crying and then I have cried over the stupidest things like something or other on TV. (Not even the excuse of a really sappy Bell commercial).

But, it is coming to a head. Much like a really nasty zit. It feels better when it finally pops and you just have that big red mark like a pit to hell on your face. At least everyone knows what that is and understands, maybe even has sympathy. When you’re just acting like a lunatic noone really understands and you have to try to keep it all to yourself. That or be given a nice, freshly pressed, natural fibre white jacket with really bad tailoring. Likely sewn by some other lunatic.

Anyway, tomorrow my brother is picking me up and taking me to Alliston. He thinks I’m just bringing whatever I need for the next couple of weeks. Plus my computer. I’m going to try to bring everything but the furniture, if I can. I just want this vagabonding to be over. Not that it really will. But, I can take it in steps and not think about having at least two more moves in the future.

So, that is the story of the day.

I am looking forward to next week. I will have a car again. True gas is not cheap but at least I can get out and not think about how many buses I will be waiting for or where they connect and what I can get done along the route. There is just so much extra planning for bus travel.

I’m going to meet Pete (maybe) and Lee-Ann for sure. I am looking forward to both. I will show the photos of the sites we find. I just know Lee-Ann is going to love the one out by the Zoo, if I can remember where it was. 🙂 I think I can.

The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing

I just finished reading this one by Melissa Bank. I picked it for the title. At first I really thought it would be a hunting guide geared to women. It was, but not hunting deer and other furry, four legged creatures. I had to add the part about four legged creatures cause I realized some of the two legged creatures would be considered on the furry side too. Dating is so complicated…

Too bad you can’t just import a groom/ husband the way men do. I think they pick those Asian and European women cause they expect them to be kind of old fashioned and obediant – easy to get what they want from them. Of course, it helps that the women are almost completely dependent on their sponsors. I don’t really think I would want a guy on those terms. It takes all the fun out of the battle of the sexes. A game is only fun if you know you might not win.