Curiousity and Self Discipline

This was from an old profile I wrote for the BackWash site. It may have been the first one I wrote there. I thought it was pretty clever. The site is gone, I found it via the Internet Wayback Machine,  so I’m saving it here.


Life endlessly intrigues me. I have so much curiousity that I had to remove all my self discipline just to give myself room to think.

Updateable Updating

I’ve never had a real plan for this blog so I’m not really starting one now. But, I do want to get back into the flow and discipline for writing a regular column again. Weekly will be enough discipline. Having done a few weekly columns (at the same time) before I know how tough it can be to keep up with that schedule. But it will be good to be productive and feel I am at least accomplishing that much.

Also, will be doodling more often. I won’t go back to the daily posting thing. It was too much and eventually I was feeling the whole thing was a real chore more than something I can do just to enjoy and annoy myself.

Last of all, the Valentine look will soon be changing. I don’t know what to, yet. No clue at all.

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Well here we are, another Saturday morning.

Saturday morning was a lot more exciting when I was a kid. There were cartoons and my Mom would make a big breakfast. Whatever she felt like whipping up: pancakes, bacon and eggs, fruit salad, omelettes, sausages, french toast, red river cereal, scrambled eggs, bagles, cinnamon buns and just about anything you can imagine as breakfast food. Sometimes something quite fancy and sometimes just a bowl of anonymous flakes in milk. I appreciate it much more now. All those breakfasts in our sunny kitchen on Rouge Hills Drive, West Hill, Ontario. That was a long time ago.

I still really like going out for breakfast, when someone else does the cooking and the cleaning up. Living alone I don’t get inspired to whip up anything for breakfast. I would make pancakes and bacon and eggs and french toast and such when I was married. Until things go not so nice. Then I didn’t bother, didn’t even bother to get up to be with him, let alone cook for him. I ate ice cream when I got up. Not a great plan I have to warn you.

Anyway, that’s what Saturday morning makes me think of. All those mornings in our cosy house and having breakfast together at the table. Being called away from the TV, which was not that interesting anyway. Mom liked to have conversation so we always blabbed about something or other. Sometimes she had a plan for the day or the weekend. She was a firm believer in unplanned plans though. We might go to the flea market in Pickering but end up on a road trip to Niagara Falls instead. There were weekend visits to the Grandparents in Woodstock. Two hours was just borderline distance with four kids in a car. We had a big van for awhile, that gave each of us our own bench. It was pretty cool to stretch out or find some other way to take up all your available space. I had books and a little sister. I could have suggested she go somewhere else but I didn’t mind. Sometimes I had my other sister, taking refuge from my brother. They always competed, over everything. But he was closer to my age and had advantages. That didn’t stop her from trying to win. She was “Queen of Stubborn”, relentless to the point of craziness.

So those were Saturday mornings ages ago. Now I’m just being lazy. I should/ could be working on something practical and necessary and important. Maybe some part of my brain is waiting for breakfast, to come to the table and chat about what we might do today. Too bad it’s noon now. If I make a fresh coffee maybe I can fool myself into self discipline.

Or I could get dressed. Wearing your pajamas till after noon on a Saturday morning is not a sign of a productive day. But, it was fun when we were kids. I don’t want to go back, not at all. It’s nice to have memories but you have to keep making new ones to go with the part of your life you’re living in now.

Kind of an Off Day

There are so many things I want to do: ezine publishing, book writing, column writing, blogging, web design, blog templates, web comics, ASCII art, pixel art, writing in general, and I’m forgetting a few dozen other things.

It’s great to have interests, it’s good to have ambition but somehow you need focus and discipline along with creativity and inventiveness.

So, I’m working on the focus and discipline. Today wasn’t a great day for them. I did get some of the things done, the errands but the most important errand was left too late, the bank was closed earlier than I hoped. I told myself I would get the front page of my site done and uploaded and I have not started that. So bad, bad me.
I told the guy who isn’t paying the rent that he has to leave. That was a big deal, couldn’t totally get it out of my mind all day. He re-promised (much like regurgitated worms, leaves a bad taste and stinks too) that he would pay. He will catch up for December this week, he’s apparently decided he can skip November and October. I wonder where January fits in for him. Anyway, he also said “it’s not up to you!!!” With “you” being underlined heavily and all those exclamation points. Now, that just pissed me off. Buddy burned his last bridge when I read that.

I may drive out to see my brother tomorrow, he left a message that he needs some typing and computer set up help. While I’m there I will get official authorization for buddy who wants to continuing ripping us off. Then, I plan to tell buddy he can pack up and get out on the spot. No time to find somewhere else to go, time is up.

Anyway, I did go to the big Chapters bookstore today when I had my driving around day. So nice to go there and see what’s new in books. I looked at books about drawing (cartoons, manga and drawing in general), writing (though I didn’t see anything new there) and of course every single computer related book. I bought the latest issue of Broken Pencil. It’s their 10th anniversary this issue.

Now, it’s almost 8:00 and I can spend an hour on CSS and then I will go down to watch Medium on TV. I like Ghost Whisperer on Friday too but Medium is better. Maybe it’s cause she’s not a girl (she’s married with kids) and maybe it’s cause her life just looks more real rather than sugar coated for TV. I didn’t watch it before cause I don’t usually watch horror, especially anything to do with ghosts. But, my Mom got me hooked while she was up here, in the off season for snowbirds.