Virtual Drawing

Virtual Drawing:

“! Use the drawing device to express your creativity and show off your artistic talents… After you’re done, we automatically send an email to your friend, informing him/ her about the Virtual Drawing(tm)! This person in turn comes to this page, clicks the ‘pick up’ tab, and views your drawing and the additional message if you wrote one. Simple enough, huh? Well, it’s time you try it out! This is something different from the boring pre-made web card for once.”

Nice idea on the virtual greeting cards theme.

Short Burst of Running Away

I ran away today, just drove awhile without a real destination (or reliable window wipers should it start to rain). I ended up in a tiny town called Hockley Valley. I only stopped cause there were three things in a row that perked my curiousity. An art gallery just re-opened by Laura Berry (I’m a Laura), a really cute/ country looking grocery store and lastly a huge winding hill dead ahead on the road.

I wanted to drive that hill, knowing the car would have its little protest. But, first I backtracked for the art and groceries. I ended up buying her calendars (2004 was being given away for a few bucks and I needed something for 2005). She turns out to be just a bit older than I am and from Scarborough originally, same as me. Kind of a strange co-incedence. I liked her art, the colours and watercolours of old houses. She really has a knack for drawing anything wooden, brick wasn’t as good.

I read her bio. She has an ideal life which was kind of depressing. Married to a firefighter (usually strong, cheery, easy going kind of guys), living in a cutely renovated old house, 3 kids, making a career out of her art/ passion. I wasn’t feeling a lot better when I left the gallery but it did seem that I was supposed to be there today. Too much of a co-incedence otherwise. It’s not like I get a lot of days to just go driving around and today was her grand opening.

The grocery store was only cute on the outside. Inside it was pricey and one of those places you just know are grabbing tourist bucks and laughing to the bank. I bought a fancy jar of ginger & lime jam for my Mom. I got a coffee but it wasn’t hot enough and seemed to be the end of the pot as my cup wasn’t really full yet the coffee stopped pouring out. Have you ever had the pot do some kind of coffee fart into your cup? I wasn’t amused. But I drank it, with too much cream even.

I drove home, not taking that big hill. Thinking too much. Now, I’m here. Back where I started cause no matter how fast you are, you can never run from yourself.

Circle Rituals

I’m trying to write about casting a circle for the Wicca and Witchcraft newsletter at BackWash. But… I just can not remember the right term (or the standard term anyway, who says it’s right anyway!) for closing the circle. I know about drawing and casting it to begin with. Anyway, the funny thing is, I’m looking at websites about circle casting and such and NONE of them mention closing the circle. Not one single site in over 10 so far talks about ending the ritual by closing the circle. How incomplete of them. I’m surprised yet not astounded.

Still, makes me wonder how many people ignore this part of the ritual then? How many circles are cast but never closed. How much energy is spilled out into the universe due to sloppy rituals? If you build it you must close it too.