Folk Art Dolls

Kokeshi (??? kokeshi?), are Japanese dolls, originally from northern Japan. They are handmade from wood, have a simple trunk and an enlarged head with a few thin, painted lines to define the face. The body has a floral design painted in red, black, and sometimes yellow, and covered with a layer of wax. One characteristic of kokeshi dolls is their lack of arms or legs. The bottom is marked with the signature of the artist.

via the possibilities are endless: week of folk art dolls, assorted.

New Mousepad

I’m not a big online shopper. I can easily count the purchases I’ve made on one hand. If you don’t count a couple of ebooks, there are exactly two things I have bought online. Tonight I decided to get this mousepad. I like it cause it is about St. Patrick’s Day, coffee and I do need a new mousepad.

I’ve been putting off getting a new one for a couple of years. The one I have now was from my ex-husband. It’s a yellow smiley face. But, it’s been shedding the backing for a few years until it’s kind of bald around the edges (on the back). Sometimes my hand gets a bit numb from resting on it when I’m using the mouse awhile. So, it’s time for it to be retired.

I really need to put up a corkboard or something like that. I get bits of things I’m working on cluttered all over and lose track of things as they get buried. So, it is a sensible idea. I can also put old smiley up on it, give him a featured corner. You can’t keep a good smiley down.

Welcome to the Day

I’m going to try writing Morning Pages (again). I haven’t looked up the official rules in awhile. I think it was intended to be written long-hand but I’m ignoring that rule. I’m such a rebel that way. This morning I’m too tired for long-hand.

My brother is coming over. So I got up early, even before the alarm clock went off. I scurried around to tidy up. Does anyone else have a brother who is actually tidier than they are? Not that I don’t like things tidy, I just keep putting off the actual doing of the tidying. Anyway, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, got boots straighted at the door, made coffee, moved a pile of books, and assorted other stuff that keeps sounding pretty lame as I’m writing this list. Why do I now feel tired?

I felt pretty perky when I woke up. I began planning my day. Planning what I would write here. Then I began working, got dressed, stuck my hair out of my face. Now, I’m just waiting for Graham to get here, the men who are coming to photograph the renovations to the basement and the other men (I’m only presuming they are men) who will be picking up the bag of clothing for donations which I also scurried around with this morning.

Do you know how creative you need to be to have an X on a plastic garbage bag? You can’t draw it on with marker. I’ve been there before. I picked cardboard from a piece of junkmail out of the recycling and cut an X out of it. Then I taped it to the bag. Now, I’m not sure if they said to leave the bag at the end of the driveway or not. I don’t want it picked up as garbage. No, it’s not garbage day but there are a lot of people who come along and look through anything put out here. I think they mainly want glass and such which they can get paid for. Still, that bag is out there for a purpose and – I don’t want them phoning me to complain that I had nothing to pick up when I said it would be there.

I have this thing where I feel at fault for everything already. I don’t need more.

Anyway, the man is here to do the photos. My brother is here showing him the basement so I can have my coffee like a good working zombie. Maybe I can have a nap later, if I’m sneaky about it.

Where the Wild Things Are: The Limits of Labels

Originally posted to ‘BackWash: Where the Wild Things Are’ newsletter, June, 22, 2004.

A label is very limiting. When you label yourself a Wiccan, a Witch or even the more roomy Pagan, you are limiting yourself to certain acceptable/ acknowledged areas of belief.

I have never liked this aspect of being a Witch, Pagan, etc. There are times when I think I’m tired of being what others see as a Witch. I never quite fit in and my beliefs are definitely subject to change without notice.

But, there is no great alternative. When someone asks if you are Pagan or when you want to tell someone about your beliefs what do you say? It’s much easier to give them the known than to go into great and exacting detail about the unknown and all various details.

So, each time we call ourselves Wiccan, we limit ourselves. People take each other at face value too easily. They want to categorize everyone all neat and tidy. Perhaps it’s an organization fetish. But I think it’s something else, more selfish and primitive. When you can categorize someone you feel safe, think you know where they stand and what to expect from them.

Anyway, to myself I don’t call myself Pagan. But for others I allow them to go on believing I am. The drawback to that is that each time I say I’m Pagan I am reinforcing the idea that I actually am Pagan for myself as well as those around me. What you say will come true, one way or another. Words spoken can not be unspoken. Much like ghosts. I feel ghosts are remnants of emotions and words past. Lingering in the atmosphere, unable to dissipate once they have been created.

– Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

— Buddha

Large Size Women Linked to Penis Size in Men

I was searching for links about large size women for the BBW Life and Dating topic. I like to find positive, good, optimistic links. The sort of site or post I would read myself.

Anyway, during my search for links about large size women, at least 50% of the search came back with links about penis size. I find that pretty ironic.

As a BBW/ large size woman, I do face men who become angry, ranting and downright foaming at the mouth with comments about fat women. I don’t know where they get such rabid hatred for people they don’t know. It must be based on a fear of becoming fat themselves or the fact that they really do like big women but can’t admit it. (I don’t claim to understand people who attack others without provocation so I really don’t understand the hatred some people have for fat people, especially women).

But, isn’t it just too ironic that man’s greatest fear is so linked to man’s biggest negative outlook on women? I could put it into smarter words but it’s after 2:00AM. I just wanted to write this, as a note to myself, before I go to bed and forget about it all.

Treasure Hunt in the Library (New York)

NY Public Library to hold overnight treasure hunt – Yahoo! News.

NEW YORK – The majestic main branch of the New York Public Library is seeking 500 people to spend the night there on a scavenger hunt designed to tap into their inner creativity and potential as they explore its miles of rare treasures.

The hunt, called “Find the Future: The Game,” was created for the library’s centennial celebration by Jane McGonigal, renowned for designing games that tackle real-world problems.

“We realized that if we could bring players face to face with these treasures, these world-changing objects from the past, they would be able to tap into their own world-changing potential,” said McGonigal, the author of the best-seller “Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World.”

Would-be scavengers at the midtown Manhattan library can register on a website going online Friday. Each needs to complete a written challenge, or quest, for the chance to play the game, which starts on May 20 at 8 p.m. and ends the next day at 6 a.m.

“We want people to engage with their imaginations, their creativity,” said Caro Llewellyn, the producer of the library’s centennial celebration.

The goal of the game is for people to write stories about the kind of future they want to see and the kind of world they envision, she said.

It’s an opportunity, McGonigal added, for people to “leave their own legacy.”

Making Finger People

I posted twice before with pictures I found made by drawing on the fingers of your hand. Some of the others I found since, on Flickr and other websites, are very clever. See my other posts Finger People and Finger Dancers.

Brooches Best of All

I like brooches best of all the types of jewelry. My Mother once said the best things were pretty brooches, pretty socks and fancy hair clips because a woman of any size or shape can wear them and without thinking about body image. I agree. You may not want shiny things too close around your face when you’re having an off day. But, attach a lovely brooch, put on some cute socks and flip your hair out of your face with a hair band and you’re all set for the day.

Still Working on Headway

I’m pulling things together with Headway, the WordPress theme. I have found where a lot of things are. One interesting thing is the stronger line between Headway and WordPress. I find Thesis blurs the boundary more, so that I could edit the blog almost using Thesis rather than WordPress. Maybe Thesis will become a stand alone blog platform someday. It would probably be a good one.

At one point I made a list of things to get done on the blog, Word Grrls. I will post it to Word Grrls over the weekend if I am here (not babysitting). Some of it was stuff I changed through WordPress. Some of it I am still working on. But, quite a bit I have worked out one way or another through Headway itself. I am starting to like it.

Today I have had about four hours of sleep, my face is really itchy for some reason and we are going out to run errands most of the day. I could just put the TV on and nap in front of it.