About Green Living History

Everything becomes history, everything has a history.

I thought about starting a new blog and began writing down ideas:

  • Holidays/ events, traditions with recipes, crafts, etc.
  • Pagan/ Wiccan/ spiritual topics.
  • Green living compared to old pioneer and etc. ideas.
  • Armageddon, science fiction ideas.
  • Urban and rural exploration.
  • Women in history.
  • Canadian history.
  • Folk tales, fairy tales and the paranormal.
  • Old things, vintage, antiques.
  • Arts and crafts from the past.
  • Local history and societies/ groups.
  • Survivalist theories.
  • Living off the grid.
  • Old words and phrases.

Then I narrowed down my ideas to three topics from the list. As I was looking at the list I realized all the topics connect in the theme of history. That was interesting. I enjoy history. But, so many people think it is dull when you present it as a topic of conversation. I think they are assuming history is all about long winded tomes in the library under attack by dust bunnies and cobwebs. History is so much more! See the list above.

So, here I am, starting history.

For Monday Art Day: Hair

Why are so many of the young women in fairy tales blondes? Everyone knows blondes have more fun, brunettes are clever and pleasant and red heads are dangerous. Wouldn’t it be just natural for all those clever, lovely and gentle young women to be brunette? Seems that way to me. Not that I’m prejudiced or anything…

Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel were my favourite fairy tales. I even named my favourite cat Rapunzel. She was the only one of her litter to come up with long hair. It was a mess to look after but after one really bad time with thick chunks of tangled/ matted hair it seemed to grow just a bit shorter (except for the tail) and then it was never so awfully tangled again.