Corset Shorts for Men

Corset lacing at the sidesBuckle detail at the side for a perfect fitZip entry for easy accessBuilt in D rings at the waist

Source: Black Level Corset Lace Shorts – Men’s Fetish Wear – Fetish Wear | UberKinky

Men don’t seem to get a lot of great fashion opportunities in fetish clothing. So much of it wouldn’t look good on a real guy versus a male model.

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You may not suspect this about Dom women but… we like to have fun. Personally, I like to be contrary, cause a bit of mischief and see if I can get away with it.

Ordinarily I’m very honest, open and fairly old fashioned. People mistake me for the nice girl type, but it’s easy to see how that happens. I seldom cause mischief after all. But… its only that much more fun when I do.

Gracie may not even mind about the category description. She may never notice it even, or not for a really long time. Unless she reads about it here…

Don’t be a snitch!

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