Does Zazzle Think Violence Against Women is Funny?

Is this funny? At Zazzle they seem to think this is funny. It’s also rated G, violence against women is funny and ok for children to see – as long as it’s about fat women.

I reported this as a violation on the site. They don’t seem to have a problem with gender, racial and other sort of aggression on the site – but that does not mean it should be rated for a G (general) audience, children included. It isn’t worth much but at least it doesn’t condone it as acceptable.

Will Zazzle do anything… I doubt it. I’m pretty sure this will still be up, unchanged for a long time. It’s ok to hate fat women as long as they aren’t lesbians, black, etc. Ironic that all sorts of women and men can be fat. Get your harpoons, your baseball bats and see how many you get.

Zazzle hates women

Large Size Women Linked to Penis Size in Men

I was searching for links about large size women for the BBW Life and Dating topic. I like to find positive, good, optimistic links. The sort of site or post I would read myself.

Anyway, during my search for links about large size women, at least 50% of the search came back with links about penis size. I find that pretty ironic.

As a BBW/ large size woman, I do face men who become angry, ranting and downright foaming at the mouth with comments about fat women. I don’t know where they get such rabid hatred for people they don’t know. It must be based on a fear of becoming fat themselves or the fact that they really do like big women but can’t admit it. (I don’t claim to understand people who attack others without provocation so I really don’t understand the hatred some people have for fat people, especially women).

But, isn’t it just too ironic that man’s greatest fear is so linked to man’s biggest negative outlook on women? I could put it into smarter words but it’s after 2:00AM. I just wanted to write this, as a note to myself, before I go to bed and forget about it all.

Adipositivity – Dude Week

Adipositivity –  (Twitter link).

The Adipositivity Project aims to promote size acceptance, not by listing the merits of big people, or detailing examples of excellence (these things are easily seen all around us), but rather, through a visual display of fat physicality. The sort that’s normally unseen.

The hope is to widen definitions of physical beauty. Literally.

The photographs here are close details of the fat female form, without the inclusion of faces. One reason for this is to coax observers into imagining they’re looking at the fat women in their own lives, ideally then accepting them as having aesthetic appeal which, for better or worse, often translates into more complete forms of acceptance.

The women you see in these images are educators, executives, mothers, musicians, professionals, performers, artists, activists, clerks, and writers. They are perhaps even the women you’ve clucked at on the subway, rolled your eyes at in the market, or joked about with your friends.

This is what they look like with their clothes off.

Some are showing you their bodies proudly. Others timidly. And some quite reluctantly. But they all share a determination in altering commonly accepted notions of a narrow and specific beauty ideal.

Bookmark and check back often, as new photographs are added regularly(ish). And please help spread the message. The Adipositivity Project: Changing attitudes about the aesthetic validity of big women, one fat fanny at a time.

I looked at a lot of photos on the site. But, I loved this one best of them all.

The Bohemian Spy Chick Thing

Why don’t those clothes shops for plus sized/ full figured women have ads with a woman standing at the site of something impressive she is doing with the slogan “I wear … (insert store/ brand name here)!

Today while getting dressed, putting on my new shirt from Penningtons along with the red panties I bought too. I was thinking that they should run an ad in women’s magazines with a woman standing at the site of an abandoned house (I’m going to a good one today) with her camera and show that fat women are doing interesting things and having adventures too. We are more than our lard/ pounds/ etc. Don’t you think that would sell more plus sized clothes than the apologetic type of ads they run now? Sure it’s nice to see those fat acceptance things but do we really believe any of that? Try dating and you’ll soon be taking off those rose coloured glasses. But, that doesn’t mean larger women are just sitting at home eating more cupcakes to console themselves. No way. We are getting out there in the world. You can’t just get rid of us. We don’t make a nice, tidy pile for one thing.

Then I was thinking about how women in general get kind of shafted into the whole pretty/ beauty thing. A man gets a different kind of compliment. A woman gets complimented on her looks more often than anything else.

I know a lot of stuff is based on looks and women are especially born into the life of having to be pretty. But, we don’t have to bore ourselves with the same old compliments. They become kind of meaningless.

Instead, when a friend has a new hair cut, don’t tell her it makes her look younger or sexy. Tell her it makes her look mysterious, maybe even a little dangerous! Wouldn’t you like to hear that yourself. Doesn’t it sound a lot better than saying it’s pretty. Besides, don’t we all secretly want to be seen as a mysterious, dangerous secret agent spy chick? Or live the life of the free spirit, bohemian like Desperately Seeking Susan?

So share that. Tell friends they look mysterious… even a little… dangerous. Leave pretty for the boys, see how they like to be called something empty and generic like pretty. Pretty what?