Hand Drawn Web Design Resources

Hand Drawn Web Design – Making a list of sites I have found regarding hand drawn web site templates.

Flickr: Hand Written Blogs – Not just the template but the whole blog.


We are Not Freelancers has a video tutorial: Technique for creating a hand drawn website.

Talk Mania created a hand drawn template and has a guide to what they did to get there.

Web Designer Wall also shows their process in making the current hand drawn template.

Go Media Zine shows how to turn a hand drawn sketch into a vector illustration.

Resources: (Most are geared to using PhotoShop).

Webitect has links to resources and a few tips for designing.

1st Web Designer has resources for using PhotoShop as well as fonts anyone can use.

My Ink Blog has examples of templates and resources for making your own.

Design M.ag has template examples and resources.

Design Reviver has doodling and other resources for making hand drawn templates.

Snap 2 Objects has sketches, doodles and other hand drawn elements.

Hongkiat has 40 hand drawn fonts.


Smashing Magazine writes about the trend to hand drawn websites and shows their top picks.

Hongkiat has 50 hand drawn template designs picked out as favourites.

Outlaw Design Blog showcases 30+ hand drawn websites.

Blog Spoon Graphics has 50 Inspiring Illustrations in Web Design.

Create Who You Are Blog has a few more designs reviewed.

Pink for October

Go Pink for October. Change your blog template to something pink. Too bad no one donated Blogger or WordPress templates for Pink for October. You can do it yourself fairly easily on Blogger. Just go into your “Layout” then “Fonts and Colours” and make a few changes. Even just change your background colour to something pink. That is going pink. Happy Pink and Cheers to Cancer Fighters and Survivors.
Get the Pink Hope Firefox theme.

Theme Mutator

I have conquored the template at Blogsome!

It’s been tortured by me so much I only have to change two image files to give it a new look. All the font and etc changes are done.

It’s so nice to have it working out now. I went in and made the fonts in p black cause the faded greyish colour the theme came with was too hard to read.

Anyway, I gave it a New Year spin while I was there, moved out the Xmas poinsettias.

TypeNow.net: Get More Fonts!

I don’t need more fonts. I’m just skimming, sort of. Now and then my fingers click things and stuff just happens… No, I’m not really downloading more fonts. That would be crazy. How many fonts does any one person need anyway? Certainly not more than several hundred, at the most.

That’s why I’m just skimming the font selection. Like window shopping, I’m not buying anything. They’re free fonts.

and I’m not downloading them either… no, just pretend you didn’t see that little window opening. It’s Christmas, Santa will know if you’re not being nice.