Nice Kitchen in a Tower


Grade I listed Hadlow Tower near Tonbridge, Kent, was commissioned by wealthy businessman Walter May in 1838 because he suspected his wife was sleeping with a local farmer.

Source: Kent’s Hadlow Tower where 19th-century businessman locked up cheating wife goes on sale | Daily Mail Online

The tower and the story were interesting to read about. But, it was this space – the kitchen furniture and set up which I especially like.

Vintage Luggage Dressers by James Plumb



Vintage Recycled Luggage Dressers by James Plumb | HiConsumption.

Every once in awhile I find something in furniture that I love. This is one of them.  I also found a chandelier made with vintage lamp shades and old furniture scraped down to the bare bones of just the wooden frame and trim. I wasn’t so keen on the bare bones sofa and chairs but the idea has potential.


barebones1 barebones2

Some Useless Babble or Other

I am still alive. I just can not seem to step back into this. Maybe it’s the chaos of living here with furniture stacked around like a maze to be gotten through. Maybe it’s the over dose of well intentions from my Mother about my finances and the job search situation. Maybe I am just sucked dry in general. I don’t have the will to write.

I hope it comes back. It doesn’t feel like me to not be writing some useless babble or other.

Just Do It…. Then Say No.

Amelia Earhart – “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

I’m going to get back into the swing of things soon. I have some interesting news about at least one thing (even though I’m likely the only one who has a lot of interest in it). I’ve been to a few more old, abandoned places.

I miss my blog and all the junk drawer stuff I have been keeping here. I miss reading your blogs (you know who you are) too. My computer is back up but we are expecting a guy to come paint the inside of the house this weekend (cross fingers) and then I can actually move furniture where I want it and begin to feel I actually live here.