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Brave: What was the bravest thing you did in 2013?

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I don’t feel brave and mostly I seem to be letting things go and not doing as much as I really could if I weren’t making excuses and procrastinating. But, even in the middle of a mess there are brave moments, days and weeks.

I’ve felt brave when I faced things. Put a good face forward. I don’t want to dredge up specifics. It was enough to have faced it all, done my best and gone forward enough that some things are now part of my past rather than hanging around looking like threats in my future.

It is terrific when you face something hard and find out it wasn’t as bad as all the build up you had given it.

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You Are the Dragon

Like a dragon, you are fiery and short-tempered. When you need to get something off your chest, you really roar.
You are a very unique creature, and you don’t relate to anyone. You feel a little lonely in your life.

If someone takes the time to get to know you, they realize you are brave, strong, and even sensitive.
You are a much better creature than anyone ever gives you credit for. You could destroy the world if you wanted to… but you don’t.

You Are Fantasy / Sci Fi

You have an amazing imagination, and in your mind, all things are possible.
You are open minded, and you find the future exciting. You crave novelty and progress.

Compared to most people, you are quirky and even a bit eccentric. You have some wacky ideas.
And while you may be a bit off the wall, there’s no denying how insightful and creative you are.

Oddly Weird Personality Test

Bev posted this personality test on Facebook.

You have a poetic sensibility and an ability to see beyond the day to day. You often seem to be living in a higher realm, or to be not-of-this-earth. Occasionally you imagine interior lives for friends and associates that are near-complete fabrications based on your fears or hopes for the future. You are often not aware of your own feelings. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and because of this are often disappointed. Despite what can sometimes be a destructive inward-turning anger, you are very gentle. You are sometimes a bit out of touch with the ebb and flow of modern life. If your behavior is out of synch with your moral values, a severe psychic disturbance can result. Because connectivity is so important to you, you can become quiet and sulky if you feel that others around do not understand your point of view.

Public Safety Communications

 I’m looking into the 911 Operator course. It will start in February at the Georgian College in Orillia. These are some links I found tonight which I want to save. Kind of interesting to find so much out there. I didn’t expect to find anything much at all.

Proven Ways – designs and provides quality training and consulting in Emergency Services Communications. PROVEN WAYS has partnered with Ontario Colleges to offer students the opportunity to become certified as a “PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSIONAL”. This full service communications course is designed to fit everyone from people interested in becoming communicators to senior communications operators. These courses are all best practices in areas of dispatch, call taking, 9-1-1 and advanced CRITICAL CALL MANAGEMENT subjects.

Note : Proven Ways is the business offering the course I am taking through Georgian College. I cut and pasted the above description from their site, that’s why it has the extra large punctuation.

Ontario Fire Communicators Association –  Fire Communicators are those responsible for the processing of requests for emergency and non-emergency assistance received via 911 lines, administration lines, the radio system or direct contact with the public. We work closely with Communicators from Police, EMS and other services to provide rapid, effective responses. We take our role in Public and Responder Safety most seriously, and continue to seek ways to enhance professionalism and our levels of service. The occupation of Fire Communicator is indeed a proud one, the vital link between the public and the emergency service response.

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials- International.
The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials – Canada – The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials, Canada, Inc. is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of public safety communications. It serves the people who supply, install and operate the Emergency Communications Systems used around the Country from coast to coast to coast. Members come from every type of public safety organization in the country, including 9-1-1, police, fire and emergency medical services as well as emergency management, disaster planning and federal search and rescue personnel.   Job postings for Canadians.

National Emergency Number Association 
NENA (National Emergency Number Assoication) Ontario – NENA is an association that brings together a vast community of people who work diligently to make the 9-1-1 system what it is today. It is a group in which to generate ideas, share information and plan the the future of systems and services that keep the public safe. NENA is made up of individuals from Police, Fire and Ambulance agencies as well other interested parties who work together to make sure that the system works and keeps working well into the future. Includes job postings for Ontario.

The Snowman By Lynn Zirkel

The Snowman

I built him with laughter
And warm winter smiles.
I built him so tall
You can see him for miles,
And at night the starlight
Makes him glint like a king,
And the moonbeams dance around
As the winter winds sing.

I built him with joy
For Christmas is here.
He’s my champion my trophy,
My prize for the year.
And the glow from the snow
Paints him silvery bright,
And my king among snowmen
Glistens snow white.

But spring holds his future
For winter won’t last,
And my snowman will melt
To a thing of the past.
But each year for ever
His memory will bring
A crown for his throne
With the snowdrops of spring.

-Lynn Zirkel

From the Oxford Merry Christmas Book.

Hello.. My Name is Laura and I'm a Skimmer…

I confess, I am a skim reader far too often. It gets me into trouble at times, most of the time I just miss some basic and important piece of information that would have been very helpful and made my life easier if I had focused and read instead of skimmed.

It is good to know your shortfall, or shortcuts in this case. Not only are you aware that you may be leaving yourself open to future trouble but you won’t be surprised when you realize something you were sure about was totally wrong. I have in the past written a lovely, well thought out blog review where I second guessed each word and phrasing but assumed the wrong gender of the blogger. A simple, basic fact I could have discovered if I had checked and read carefully a bit longer or at least a bit better. Or, of course, if I had just asked. Anyway, that was a while ago and it was only me that looked stupid. I did apologize and confess that I am a chronic skimmer when I am online.