Alternative History

I like playing city building games cause it’s the one time you really can play god and no one can get upset about being bossed around or manipulated by you. Like any god, once things stop going my way, when the peasants are revolting, the crops are burning and the armies are refusing to fight, I pull the plug and start over. Isn’t that what gods do?

Another time you can play god is when you rewrite history. Change something and write about how things carry on from there. Of course, you can still bend it all to your will, as you see it. Facts can only get you so far.

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My new blog tenant is a Google fan. I still like Google, in spite of the coypright thing. However, I wonder at what point they will jump the shark.

It’s great that they have turned the old Usenet and it’s archives into Google Groups but it’s all so choked in spam that I long ago gave up reading them. Can’t Google put some of the spaminator they use with Gmail to work on Google Groups?