International Highway Sign Makeover

How would you design a traffic/ road sign? All the elements of sign design you never thought of, come into play when you really start planning a better road sign.

The idea isn’t new. I’ve saved screen captures from the Wayback Machine from the older site (below). Glad to see someone else has taken up the idea and kept it going on another site. I’m linking there first so people can see what’s new and contribute ideas of their own.

I used to send possible highway route signs to the owner of The Great International Highway makeover website, Mr. R. V. Droz, a while back. Well I found out recently that his email link at his website is inoperable. Rats. I hope it’ll work well in the future.

Source: International Highway Makeover 2

From the old site, by Robert V. Droz.

Highway route markers have gotten boring over time. In the 1940’s, there were many varied shapes and colors. Many governments opted for the MUTCD default (circles) or plain blank squares. The justification for those sparse designs is that they provide for increased number visibility and easy recognition. True enough, but nothing says you can’t design a useful sign that’s graphically attractive. Linked below are many examples of potential re-designs.











Barrie in the Ontario Highway 11 Blog

The following is my comment on the post about Barrie, on the site about places along Highway 11 in Ontario.

I think your review of Barrie was good. I’ve been here about 10 years now. I grew up in Port Union, Ontario, before it became Scarborough, and after. Barrie is pretty suburban still. Downtown Barrie still has a lot of bars and drinking night life. The box malls and shopping in general didn’t get into downtown Barrie, just the outskirts. It helps keep traffic from being completely locked up during weekends when there are people out shopping and even more people navigating the cottage highway. There is a new mall going up not far from where I am. It will be right at the highway turn off for Duckworth, where the hospital and Georgian College are. The two lane bridge which ran under the highway is being done over. A big project but it has been needed for a long time. Living in Barrie I especially like being on the lake and actually seeing it. I grew up on Lake Ontario and I have missed having a big lake nearby – it was one of the reasons I picked Barrie. Last note, for anyone traveling to Barrie in the winter, it does get colder here as we are at least a couple of snow belts up from the weather in the GTA.

Source: Barrie | Ontario Highway 11 Blog

Nice idea for a blog/ site. If you are along the highway have a look at your town.

How to Really Make Money from Blogging?

In reply to Ben’s post about money making online:

The click me ads are never going to make big money cause they have had their time and now it’s gone. People don’t even look at the ads any more. Sidebar content may as well not exist unless it is something personal. I do find people notice my flickr badge which shows photos I have taken. But, the rest of the stuff on my sidebar may as well just be there for me. Which, most of it is.

I used to think the best way to use the Internet was the traditional way, the Information highway. But the highway is clogged up with billboards and you can’t always find the highway through the signage.

Freelancing is great. If you can do that. I freelance but do not find the Internet useful in this. No one ever found my resume online except those who came to spam my email. So, not exceptionally useful.

These days I think the best way for a company/ business to use the Internet is to give information about themselves, offer sales/ coupons and such. But, don’t hope people will find you. Bring the people to your site. Offer the link on business cards, flyers, and so on. The Internet can be information storage. The highway is just a traffic jam now.

Stand By Grrl

This morning I woke up early – early for a day I didn’t have to go into work. The plan was to go to the road test and wait on stand by in case someone else missed their appointment and I could step in and get my road test done early. It is scheduled for November 29th. (Those who live in the area should keep that date in mind and stay well back from all road ways).

Anyway, I got up, brushed hair and teeth and all other things brushable. I was ready to go out the door when I realized something was out of place, outside. It had snowed. Not just a light dusting or a little, pretty sprinkle, it was a real heavy snow. Covering the stairs, driveway and the car. I thought a moment about how I should, or could, get them all brushed off. I ended up settling on just brushing off the car.

I hadn’t decided for sure about the road test until I was driving on my way there and had the brakes on the car get stuck. I went through a red light in a school zone with my foot on the brake. So, I thought it would be a good day not to be on stand by for the road test. It was the highway test after all and the highway was looking pretty snowy and slow when I had a look on my way to the shopping mall section of town.

I bought the new digi camera, a Panasonic Lumix. It has 10x optical zoom which was the big thing I was looking for. I’m not sure what the MB level is. I was pretty focused on the zoom thing. It does have other nice features and I am trying them out a bit this afternoon. One pretty big downside if the file size for photos taken with this camera versus my old one which was a 3.1 MB camera. The new photos suck up MB like like a rabid anteater at a picnic. I didn’t expect this. I’m even thinking about keeping the oldie camera so I can take a few photos which will still be ok for using online and in the weblog in particular. I’m sure there is a way to shrink down the file size, I just have to find it.

So, no road test done today but I did get the camera and drive back here all without killing the car. I wasn’t really looking forward to sitting there on stand by all day anyway. Like waiting for someone to pull a switch before the torment begins.

Driving Road Test

Does anyone know much about the G2 driving test? I have to schedule it. I had my full license from the US when I was married and living there. When I came back to Ontario they took it away and just gave me the beginner license. Peeved me off cause I have to pay for another license and take yet another test. Highway driving on the massive highway, not just the two laner which I can do without a problem. I have avoided the huge highways cause I don’t speed and on those everyone drives like they are rushing to the hospital to give birth to an alien creature.

Wish me luck.

Coffee Cup and Saucer

My Mother was very impressed cause she was served coffee with a cup and saucer at a restaurant in Texas this winter. I have told her that many places do the same here. She just doesn’t really notice. Here is an example. I was at the little restaurant in Bond Head, the one right at the turn off from one highway to the other. It was a good club house sandwich too.