Good Night Elvira?

Cassandra Peterson has been Elvira, Mistress of the Dark for 35 years. A pretty amazing feat for a woman to “hold her looks”. But, Cassandra Peterson has been about more than just her looks, right from the start.

Elvira is a character with charisma, adventure and fun. I couldn’t tell you many people involved in the horror entertainment industry, some writers, and the actresses who played Mrs. Addams and Mrs. Munster. But, once seen, never forgotten when it comes to Elvira. She was more than a vampy TV host. She still is.

“I don’t think women should have an expiration date, [but] unfortunately, some things don’t hold up as well as others, so there is a thing about playing a particular character — my character is based very much on the sexy, so continuing to try to be really sexy until you’re really old might not work,” she says. “Humor definitely takes the edge off of it, because if you’re self-deprecating, you can still be sexy, and it’s sort of OK, as long as it resonates that way with the fans.”

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Practical Romance for the Middle Aged Woman

romanceWhen I was 16, still fresh and far less cynical or skeptical, I read the old style of Harlequin romance novels. The heroines were always virgins and no one thought about using condoms. Men were gentlemen. Women didn’t have sex on a first date. Romance was syrupy sweet with flowers and dates that didn’t include making out or sex. Don’t think there weren’t steamy kissing scenes and lots of holding and hugging and so on. The old Harlequin romances stopped just short of sex.

Now I’m not 16 any more. I’m somewhere in the middle of being middle aged. At least I hope I am. No one has really given me a cut off date on that. (I’m not really looking too hard for one). I don’t read the old Harlequin romances any more. They seem pretty standard now. The stories are the same, only the names and locations have been changed. (I read paranormal romance, I admit but I prefer science fiction, mysteries and less horrifying horror books). I still like some romance in the books I read but I like humour much more.

My style has changed. I’ve gone from syrupy romance to wanting romance to have something practical and real behind it.

It must be something that happens with age. I still read younger women posting quotes, photos and stories about romance, heavy on the sweet and syrupy side. I can’t get into any of it. I don’t see it as something real.

So, I wondered about my style of romance now. I do know that I still want romance. A little hand holding, if his hands are clean. I like the door opened and I like to open the door for him too.

I Want to See a Fat Girl

I want to see a fat girl in a leading role of a film.

I want to see a fat girl in a leading role of a film that isn’t about her weight.

I want to see a fat girl wearing mini skirts or just whatever the fuck she’s comfortable in.

I want to see a fat girl kick some bad guy’s ass.

I want to see a fat girl be the one that the guy/girl falls in love with at first sight instead of just the fat girl the guys all make fun of first before getting to the stereotypical blond, thin white girl.

I want to see a fat girl who isn’t the thin girl’s funny friend.

I want to see a fat girl love scene.

I want to see a fat girl be a fucking survivor of a god damned fucking zombie apocalypse!  Fuck you and your rule #1, Zombieland!

I want to see a fat Disney princess.

I want to see a badass fat girl who is sardonic and smokes, and when someone comments on her weight and how smoking makes it worse, she just blows smoke right in their faces.

I want to see a fat girl who loves to screw and isn’t ashamed of the fact.

I want to see a fat girl’s leading man/woman punch some guy in the fact for making fun of her.

I want to see a fat girl be something that is not her weight.  I don’t want her to be the butt of every joke.  I don’t want her to be the one who’s constantly rejected, or the one who has to fight to accept herself and have others around her accept who she is.  I’m tired of seeing roles for fat girls that are only about her weight.  I want to see a fat girl living her normal existence.  I want to see her know she’s beautiful and not have to go through some huge challenge of loving herself.  I’m tired of seeing horror films with only a thin cast.  Fatties can run, too, a lot of times faster than you can and I can guarantee fatties can probably beat a bad guy up better, too.


via Internal Acceptance Movement, I Want to See a Fat Girl.

Under the Clouds

I hadn’t really looked at the clouds in years. I’d been busy. I’d been frustrated and I’d been indoors. This had been his idea, getting back to nature he’d said. Camping didn’t seem like a good idea to me. I like running water!

But, here I am. In the middle of nowhere, in a woodsy area. Quiet. Lying on a blanket, sunbathing for the first time in years. The clouds float far over my head. The sky so blue in between. If this were a horror story I’d be in big trouble right about now. It’s always the girls who have sex that die. The little virgins live on to film again.

The first orgasm had been nice, like a quick kiss. He still knelt between my thighs. His hands on me, lightly skimming touches over my the skin of my thighs, my belly and up to my breasts. Obediently waiting for me to tell him to kiss me or make love to me again.

The stress headache I’d carried around like an ogre on my back is gone. Instead I feel lighter and the back of my neck doesn’t creak. I am content to just lie here, feeling sun warm my skin. Puffy white cotton balls slowly coast through the sky. Right now it’s just me and those clouds. Hmm… that one looks like a dragon.

This time Wank Wednesday is all about the clouds.

Sex and Fear

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Sunday April 13, 2003  

Fear is sexy. It makes people vulnerable and you have to be vulnerable to have sex that means anything to you. Sure you can bump uglies in the night but when you wake up will you feel good, feel that you’ve done more than scratch an itch. Each of us is vulnerable when we take our clothes off. Even the women we look at as perfect think they have plenty of flaws. Give them a minute and they can write you out a list. So, sex makes you vulnerable, you have to trust the one you’re with not to point and stare or laugh. You see how it all comes back to fear?

Fear is an adrenaline rush. It gets your heart pumping, your skin sweats and you breathe faster. It’s like you’ve started having sex before you take off your shoes. No wonder so many people go to horror movies and read all those books. What they really want, is sex. That blood pounding, slick with sweat feeling you get when you let go, take that leap of faith into the bedroom (or wherever you end up naked, hot and bothered).

Part of BDSM is bringing that fear into sex. If you’ve ever wondered why someone would like being tied up wonder no more. I’m telling you what the attraction is right now. It’s fear and sex. Even if the bondage is all agreed to there is still that element of danger, that reason to fear. You’ve given up control now you’re going to get it.

Now, think about being the one who gives the fear. Think about being the woman behind the man, the woman who ties him down, takes the control and teases him, letting him feel uncertain. He doesn’t know what you might do, what might happen by accident on purpose. He is at your mercy. Sure he can whine about it later. But, right then he is the one who lives in fear. Of you! What a rush that is. Will you be nice or naughty? Will you tease him or go right for the big finish?

Fear is certainly a part of it. Along with all the thrills and chills of a good roller coaster ride. Grab his gears and strip ’em!