I Want to See a Fat Girl

I want to see a fat girl in a leading role of a film.

I want to see a fat girl in a leading role of a film that isn’t about her weight.

I want to see a fat girl wearing mini skirts or just whatever the fuck she’s comfortable in.

I want to see a fat girl kick some bad guy’s ass.

I want to see a fat girl be the one that the guy/girl falls in love with at first sight instead of just the fat girl the guys all make fun of first before getting to the stereotypical blond, thin white girl.

I want to see a fat girl who isn’t the thin girl’s funny friend.

I want to see a fat girl love scene.

I want to see a fat girl be a fucking survivor of a god damned fucking zombie apocalypse!  Fuck you and your rule #1, Zombieland!

I want to see a fat Disney princess.

I want to see a badass fat girl who is sardonic and smokes, and when someone comments on her weight and how smoking makes it worse, she just blows smoke right in their faces.

I want to see a fat girl who loves to screw and isn’t ashamed of the fact.

I want to see a fat girl’s leading man/woman punch some guy in the fact for making fun of her.

I want to see a fat girl be something that is not her weight.  I don’t want her to be the butt of every joke.  I don’t want her to be the one who’s constantly rejected, or the one who has to fight to accept herself and have others around her accept who she is.  I’m tired of seeing roles for fat girls that are only about her weight.  I want to see a fat girl living her normal existence.  I want to see her know she’s beautiful and not have to go through some huge challenge of loving herself.  I’m tired of seeing horror films with only a thin cast.  Fatties can run, too, a lot of times faster than you can and I can guarantee fatties can probably beat a bad guy up better, too.


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The Book Reading Meme

I’m starting to feel like something alive again.

Here is a meme about books which came from The Road I’m Traveling to Word Grrls. But Word Grrls isn’t going to be a personal blog so I’d rather not run memes on it.

The rules for the meme:

“Open the book closest to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following there.”

The book closest to me right now is the one I just started reading this morning. I have been waiting (impatiently) for the next in her series to come out in paperback. It’s from Kelley Armstrong, a Canadian paranormal fiction writer. Her books are often stuck in the horror shelves though. The title is Personal Demon and I’m not as far as page #56 so this feels a bit like sneaking a peek ahead. Which I do, upon occasion. Usually cause I hate finding out the long, hard way that a character I like is going to come to a bad end. One thing good about not reading standard romance fiction is that sometimes there are bad ends. It’s unpredictable.

The young man grinned. “I believe I can manage.”

“Just don’t talk her ear off. I want you both back by nine. You’re on floor duty tonight. Oh, introductions. Faith, Jasper. Jasper, Faith.”

Bacteria…. The Bastard!

I’m a bit out out commission. My left arm has a little vampire attached, for another 3 days. My left leg, below the knee, has a flesh eating bacteria. If you really must know it’s not as bad as it was when it was looking like flesh pudding on Thursday. I went to the hospital on Friday, they put me in isolation for three hours. But I left after I had flesh preserving antibiotics and a new little vampire friend attached to my arm, neatly covered in gauze.

The bacteria that wants to eat me is called cellulitis. Should you want to find out more Wikipedia even has photos. I considered photos myself but decided to just draw it, a couple of times so far. Does anyone really know what bacteria looks like?

I don’t know just how I got it. Anyone can. A little wound or small hole in the skin and the bacteria can creep in. If I hadn’t been so dead sick on Tuesday and Wednesday I might have gone in to get the creeping flesh pudding on my leg checked out sooner. But, it really just started as a sore leg, then a reddish skin leg which was hot to the touch. Who would think that was anything serious? I didn’t.

But, I was pretty much not on the planet until Thursday. That was when I managed to do something other than sleep, shiver and puke. On Thursday the calf of my leg was flaming red (all but oozing) and a lot less than attractive looking. (I’d go into detail but really, flesh pudding like something out of a horror movie, just works so well). But I still wasn’t sure about going anywhere to get it looked at. I always think these kind of things will just fix themselves or that I can fix them if I just find the right stuff.

It’s not fun to type with an IV vampire hooker thing in my arm. It’s weird to feel it move. Though I think/ hope some of that is just the tape attached to my skin around it. Can’t see it under the gauze and I’m ok with keeping it covered. Out of sight if not out of mind.

So I’m not doing as much blogging or Entrecarding or whatever it is I do when I’m here. I need to catch up on WordGrrls tomorrow. Also write something for a few other sites and places. At least I caught up my blog! Likely it wasn’t the most important thing on my list, but it was the one I most wanted to do.

Typing is over for tonight. Sleep well and be nice to any little vampires you might have yourself. They may not be especially nice but they want to be good.

The Monster in my Eye

New tagline for this blog… “Exploring myself, one rock at a time.”

So, how are the rocks in your head today? Mine are clunking around up there. I think I almost was asked out today at work. I’ve never had a guy actually pursue me. It would be nice. Seems I am usually the one who starts things, arranges get togethers and such. It’s not the same as having someone else do the work, the planning and the asking. It would be nice to be pursued. I’m not going to hold my breath. I will hold my breath many years from now, when it won’t matter any more as far as having oxygen in my brain. Maybe, it will work, I’ll finally get all those things I wasn’t going to hold my breath for. That would be an interesting time in my life, if I could live to see it.

Can your eyeballs still function on some level once you are brain dead? There’s a new horror movie in the making.

The best ideas for horror come from every day real things. We take so much for granted. Yes, the bus doors will open – the bus driver isn’t about to fly off the handle and haul everyone around all day against their will. Yes, the coffee you make that morning is about the same as the coffee you made yesterday morning – there wasn’t a stow away venomous spider hiding in the coffee beans. Yes, your eyeballs are still your same old eyeballs – an alien didn’t drop down into your room last night and replace them with marbles or some other weird alien eyeballs. Horror and science fiction can just have so many endless spins put on a simple idea.

Day off tomorrow! Ha ha ha!!! and more mad scientist evile laughter Can’t decide if I should sleep in first or go grocery shopping. Oh, the excitement!…

I did my laundry yesterday so I spoiled that part of my weekend of fun. Too bad. I will just have to get over it.

Next weekend is a pay cheque weekend. I may actually do something that involves wearing laundry (clean) and spending money on something less than practical. I could even go all out and give that guy at work my email address and the mention of going for a Rrrroll up the Rrrrim (coffee at Tim Hortons). See how that happens, the not being pursued thing? Is it because I’m just not patient? Perhaps. I do like to get started once I decide on something.

One last bit of babble.. I think the coffee I bought from Second Cup a couple of weeks ago is NOT french vanilla. It does not taste right at all. I had the caramel first so didn’t start what should have been french vanilla until today. I don’t like whatever it is I have instead of french vanilla. I think it might be one of those with a nut flavour. Now I have two bags of it, whatever it is. Kind of aggravating when it was not cheap AND the guy at the store made some major goof up and sold me twice the amount of coffee I asked for. I really doubt they would go for letting me return it for real french vanilla now. Look, there’s another idea for a horror story. I’m just full of them today. Rocks and monsters, that’s what I’ve got in my head.

Another Day Off

Back to real life again tomorrow when I have to go into work, the start of the work week for me. I’m thinking about leaving extra early cause I need to find a bank on the bus route and get in early to get on the computer and do my application/ interview for that admin job at the same company. I’m not sure about it. Maybe more responsibility than I really want. Maybe, likely, more reception than I ever want to do again. But, I did like the part about making plans to help with morale and other such things. It didn’t sound quite like the average, plain, grindingly dull admin job. I hope. No one to ask questions of so far. Which is kind of funny in a not good way. Or I could be missing something. It’s been known to happen. Upon occasion.

I didn’t do much today either. I did get dressed sometime after 1:00 this afternoon. I slept in and then read in bed till I started getting hungry enough to push myself out and get something for lunch. I had cold chinese food cause I decided to order chinese late last night. I really like egg foo young, that chinese omelette. It makes a very good lazy woman’s brunch. After all it was like my Sunday today, just the right day for sunday brunch.

I’m thinking of making a second coffee now. It would be nice to have a hot drink.

I’ve had the science fiction channel on TV most of the day. It’s begun repeating the same shows now. Kind of dull of them. Too bad they don’t have enough selection to run all new shows all day. I wish they had Doctor Who, the new series especially. Also, more of those old science fiction shows, like those made here in Canada. Most are pretty backwoods looking but that just makes them even more fun to watch. Instead the Space channel (that’s what it’s called) runs a mix of science fiction and horror. I could do without the horror. Just like bookstores that mix the science fiction with fantasy titles. It’s kind of annoying.

I had three fortune cookies with the chinese food:

As the wallet grows, so do the needs.

Don’t worry about money. The best things in life are free.

Be prepared to modify your plan.

  • I opend this one this afternoon. Seems like they were trying to tell me it was more than time I accomplished something with this time off. Too bad the hint came so late in the day… not really enough time to get anything started now… I’ll just have to add it to the list for tomorrow.