Stop Apologizing for Being Canadian

Immigration and multiculturalism are old issues for Canada, never resolved. I don’t think there can be a meeting of the minds on this one. Even myself, I am split on how far multiculturalism should go and how much immigration should be supported.

I have the unique perspective of having  been an immigrant to another country, for a few years. I returned to Canada and actually have no desire to ever return to the US (where I had immigrated to for my husband). I’m very happy in Canada. I was born here. My family are all here. I have never seen a gun used here. I don’t hear or see racism here – though it is now and then talked about in the news.

In the news I hear about not having the Canadian flag at schools. Not having the Canadian anthem sung at schools and events. I see our police and Mounties wearing adjusted uniforms to support the religious practices of other cultures. I don’t like these things. They are defacing Canada’s own culture, history and pride. I do think multiculturalism and tolerance go too far when school children are no longer able to sing the Canadian anthem or point out all the Canadian provinces on a map of the world. My ten year old niece is unable to find Manitoba on a globe of the world until I tell her it’s in Canada. I am the one who took the time to teach her to spell Saskatchewan. I was taught these things in school.

How far should Canada bend in order to suit immigrants? I don’t know, but I would say we have hit a hard limit when we began adapting the very things that make us Canadians, an individual culture in the world. I would say we need to pass our culture along to our children along with our history and our way of life. Canada is not about religion or the colour of your skin – but when they start pulling the flag down and changing the world to our anthem… don’t we become pretty anonymous in the world?

We are Canadian… kind of. Sorry to try to keep our culture. Sorry to bother you with sticking to something we have been proud of for generations. Stop apologizing for being Canadian. 

When people ESCAPE from their country of birth, because of persecution, or religious freedom, to come to a country of choice, why do they demand that we change to the customs of the country that they ESCAPED from? It does not make sense. All immigrants must swear an oath of allegiance to the country to become CANADIANS. Let them take heed of the words of that oath, and not just recite them from memory.
    It is NOT racist. []It is FACTUAL.
[]Bruce Allen not out of hot water yet.

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980)  – Despite being given a show of support by Vancouver 2010 organizers, embattled music manager and CKNW editorialist, Bruce Allen is not out of hot water just yet as the fallout continues from his recent commentary indicating immigrants to Canada should ‘fit in,’ or ‘go home.’

Richmond Liberal MP, Raymond Chan, is set to file an official complaint with the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Television Commission) about Allen’s recent ‘reality check’ alleging the piece was discriminatory. Chan is also demanding an official apology and a retraction of the comments.

It’s time we all get behind Bruce Allen, and scrap this Political Correctness business. His comments were anything but racist, but there are far too many overly-sensitive ‘New Canadians’ that are trying to change everything we hold dear.

For example, our National Anthem: Don’t  know what your opinions are, but I certainly agree.  — I’m sorry, but after hearing they want to sing the National Anthem in Hindi – enough is enough. Nowhere or at no other time in our nation’s history, did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German, Portuguese, Greek, or any other language because of immigration. It was written in English, and should be sung word for word the way it was written. The news broadcasts even gave the translation — not even close.

I am not sorry if this offends anyone, this is MY COUNTRY – IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY SPEAK UP —- please pass  this along…. I am not against immigration … just come through like everyone else… Get a sponsor; get a place to lay your head; get a job; pay your taxes; live by the rules …AND…LEARN THE LANGUAGE
   as all other immigrants have in the past .

PART OF THE PROBLEM? Think about this: If you don’t want  to forward this for fear of offending someone—–YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!

Will we still be the Country of Choice and still be CANADA if we continue to make the changes forced on us by  the people from other countries who have come to live in CANADA because it is the Country of Choice??????

It  is Time for CANADA to Speak up.
If  you agree – pass This along.

Tell it to me Tuesday: Disremember

Tell it to me Tuesday from The Art of Getting By.

What are a list of things you wish you could disremember?

It sounds sappy but I don’t think there is anything I’d like to disremember. Even the most pain you experience gives you something in experience and knowledge. How can you really appreciate the good things if you don’t remember when things were really awful.

My worst was having my best friend tell me he “fell out of love” so I went through a divorce and came back home, to my own country again. Before that I had thought the immigration procedure was the deepest pit of hell I could have gone through.

Chicken Dressed as Mutton

I know I’m not really human now. If I were human, rather than alien or robot or… something, I would be bursting open at the seams by now. I was really hungry, I’ve been trying to not eat much for a couple of weeks. But today I ordered pizza. I ate it too. I don’t know how that much pizza is inside of me and yet I don’t feel disgustingly full and bloated. I feel fine. I don’t feel hungry, that’s a nice change. But, no mortal should eat that much pizza and not explode. Just call me Pizza Grrl.

I put chicken on it. I’ve never liked pepperoni really. The chicken was good. Maybe that’s why I’m not feeling stuffed. The chicken was lighter than pepperoni which does not come from a bird creature. Therefor it can not fly. Chickens don’t really fly much but the option is there. I’m sure it all makes sense somehow. After all, I can’t really be an alien. I still have all that old paperwork from the US immigration, I think. Besides, I was born here. My Mother said so. So I shouldn’t be an alien as long as I’m still in Canada.

Maybe I should update my passport just to be on the safe side. In case someone realizes I’m an alien and tries to deport me. Where do aliens get deported if they were never from the planet to begin with?

There’s a question for the day. I’m not all that keen on any of the other planets and the moon is just too chilly looking. I’d like something with a little beach, water and maybe a forest off in the moutain area. Of course, I want something with a good Internet connection too. I’m sure someone will work it all out. Last slice of pizza to whoever comes up with a good plan for cosmic alien deportation!

Self Employment Workshop Day One

Today was the first day of the Self Employment workshop. It was pretty good. I’m pretty tired but still have homework which I need ready for tomorrow’s workshop.

I don’t know what to write though.

1) Motivation: Write a paragraph about why you are getting into business. Also a list of risks you have taken.

2) List technical and 10 soft skills you have. (Soft skills are things you can’t reach out and touch like being a team player, etc.)

3) Write a story about yourself which you read in front of everyone, about 3 – 5 minutes. At the end we announce our business idea.

I can’t think of a story I want to blab about. It’s supposed to be personal but I only blab my personal stories out when I’m typing. It’s not the same to have to speak about any of this stuff. I don’t like talking about myself, just writing about myself.

Here is what I scribbled down for motivation.

I’m getting into business partly to utilize my creativity, partly to develop an income and build a future for myself and partly to have an identity beyond department store cashier, front desk clerk, warehouse temp, office clerk, etc.

I can’t think of any really good risks I’ve taken. It’s not like I’m into extreme sports as a hobby. Here is what I wrote for risks:

Marriage, US immigration, solo travel across Canada, divorce, dating (again), talked a friend out of suicide, changed jobs a whole lot of times, self taught on IBM computer, self taught web design and digital art, became a different religion/ faith from my family (Pagan), keep a public weblog, applied for my dream job, lived in a foreign (different language) country for several months, started my own website, went to college as a mature student, learning new software, using new technology…

Maybe I will think of something more risk sounding before the group meets tomorrow morning.

My skill list is not worth typing out. It sounds like the same thing repeated eight times. 🙂

Nightie night! If you laugh at my risk taking I hope you have to clean your keyboard afterwards. So there!