Tired of Flying Rats? (Aka Pigeons)

Have a look at these pigeon spikes. Fairly nasty, even I think impaling them could be a little extreme. However, not so long ago they used to be an ingrediant. So this is the lazy person’s way to hunt for pigeons. I bet you could be cooking up pot luck for the whole neighbourhood in some city areas. Feed the homeless potluck pigeon pie!

Although, I think people who live downtown sometimes get confused. There are so few wild animals down there, other than rats, pigeons, insects and the odd raccoon that they consider pigeons to be a real bird. They even feed them, on purpose. It’s really too bad and someone should suggest that they get out more. Out of the city that is. There are real wild animals still left. You don’t have to settle for flying rats who poop all over everything and everyone. City people… there are real birds just a little north of you (everything is north of the cities here in Canada).

I don’t know why these people want to hunt crows. I actually like them. They keep to themselves and clean up roadkill.

Things that Suck

Skipping that whole straw controversy, these are things that make you want to haul off and bite them… not in a nice way.

Really huge insects that land on your computer monitor right in the middle of the sentence you’re typing.

Things that fall apart soon after you did a really great job of putting them all together, all by yourself, without even having to read those annoying instructions included.

Instructions in Korean. When you’re not in Korea.

Finding a great coupon for something you really like and then noticing it expired last week. Or last year in the case of some people who don’t tidy up their bits of paper all that often.

Stepping on something squishy, especially when it’s road kill.

Waiting in line 20 minutes and then being told you’re in the wrong line and will have to come back tomorrow cause it’s nearly closing time now.

Finding a living creature in the hamburger you’ve half eaten.

Getting all the numbers right on your lottery ticket only to have the lottery store clerk tell you it’s Lotto 649 not the Super 7.

Getting a roll of quarters at the bank to do laundry and being one quarter short for your last load.

Some know-it-all smart ass who doesn’t mean it in a nice way.

Losing something you know you put away carefully.