Crochet, Sewing and Crafty Grrl in General

I want to get back to doing more crafts. I used to crochet granny squares but now I have forgotten how. My new roommate knows how to sew so I can finally get someone to help me learn how to use the sewing machine I got for Christmas just before the divorce. I was using it for a short time and doing ok. Can’t even remember how to thread it now. If it’s a choice of getting old or getting stupid I pick old. 😀

Might make plans for a crafty weekend my next couple of days off. Bring out those masses of buttons, the Raggedy Ann pattern and the half finished doll I was making a few years ago, find the sewing machine which was put away somewhere during the most recent move. I’d like to get making things again. Finally learn to use the sewing machine. I’ve got a great pattern for a dress suit to make, in jersey fabric so it is stretchy and comfortable for a plus size dame like myself. Also has the plus of being very washable too. I’m not a fan of taking anything to the dry cleaners.

Laundry Night in Canada

Why does it take so long to do laundry? There are other things that take a long time but I can at least enjoy something about them. Like taking the bus to get somewhere. It can be kind of bland when you do the same route each day, but there is the hope of the journey being interesting in some way. Tonight on the way home a guy was babbling away on the streetcar. He sounded less than intelligent but at least this time it wasn’t me he had latched onto. (I seem to attract crazy people who want to talk to someone). Anyway, one thing he said made me laugh though quietly so he wouldn’t notice me and come on over.

First he said about what a great job the streetcar driver was doing. How it was hard work and very complicated. Which is debatable, it’s not brain surgery after all. Anyway, then he looks outside and says something like, “Look at all those guys over there, just lying around like they’re dead.” I thought he was looking at a couple of teenaged boys who were slurping down slushies while they played around with their skateboards, waiting to cross at the lights. But, I was wrong. Cause crazy guy elaborates a minute later. “Oh, they are actually dead.” I think you had to be there but “they” were graves in the cemetery which I pass each day on the streetcar a block from where I get off. It was pretty funny in the moment. I did wonder if he was trying to be clever but he had been so anti-clever for so long before that I just can’t believe he suddenly grew a really sharp sarcastic wit.

On goes the laundry tonight. I had four loads cause I got ambitious and decided to wash all the sheets first. Even the new ones I had not unpacked yet. But, I decided not to wait for them to dry and used my old red ones (my favourites even though a pillow case got lost when I was still stuck with taking everything to the laundry matt). So I have a fresh bed when ever all that laundry is finally done so I can curl up into my fresh bed with it’s soft and comfortable cotton jersey sheets. Mmm.

It’s 4:00 AM Do You Know Where Your Brain Cells Are?

I don’t know why I woke up so early this morning. Too early. I was feeling perky enough for the first hour but my brain is definitely slacking off now. If I hadn’t opened a nice cold diet Coke I would already be back in bed all snuggled up with the red cotton sheets. (Don’t you love jersey sheets?)

But, here I am, the ultimate morning person. Someone just needs to plug me in.

It’s a bit chilly this morning. I have the heat turned off. The days have been so mild it seemed silly to be heating the house. Not quite ready to leave the windows open for long, yet. It is nice to get rid of the stale air from all winter long. The house (and myself) can breathe again.

Enjoy the last of the long weekend, if you have it. I am going back to bed. 🙂

My Bed…Mmmm

I was working, thinking about how tired I really am and suddenly, like a bolt of lightening, I realized… I can go to bed.

What a trip! Well, not really since it’s actually right behind me. But, I was thinking about how nice it is that I can go to bed. Right there in my own bed with the dark red, jersey cotton sheets and the brand new, ultra firm and fluffy pillows and the quilt with green and pink carnations/ zinnias. My own bed, in my own room, not the bed in my sister’s guest room. Oh, what a privilege to have your own bed.

So, why am I not there? Because, I still hate giving in to sleep. As nice as it is to be all snuggled up, it’s boring too. I don’t write, if I think I almost never remember any of the good stuff. Sleep is boring and pointless, more useless than a Useless Man. I understand why kids don’t want to go to bed.

Yet, here I am and I am kind of happy about it tonight. It’s so unusual for me to kind of want to go to bed rather than finally giving in to the fact I can’t keep my brain in the ‘on’ position any more and must sleep.

But… I’m not there yet. So there! 🙂

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