Button Flowers

I really like those button flowers I have been seeing in blog headers (templates too) and greeting cards. They look so scrapbooking. I’d like to do something more along the lines of digital scrapbooking. It would make a really original and interesting blog post. Working out the technical details needs some ironing out, but I will figure it all out, sooner or later. Meanwhile I drew a few myself and found some really neat links while searching for “button flowers” on Google.

Making flowers out of a little wire and some buttons, try Kiddley for a button bouquet. At One More Moore she adds leaves to her button flowers, I thought of that too while looking at Kiddley.

Artsy Craftsy Babe is gluing buttons together to make flower brooches. I love the idea. 🙂 I have a ton of buttons collected from my Grandmother, my Mother and myself, loads of buttons to work with and I do like a brooch the odd time I actually wear any jewelry. She also has fluffy flowers, made with fabric and a button.

Pink Water Fairy has a really charming charm bracelet made of buttons and flower buttons. You’d have to inherit, find or shop for just the right buttons for this one. Or just buy one from her.

Eartly Valentines and Candy Hearts

This was in a flyer this week. Pretty diamond daisies for a Valentine. Not that I wear jewelry, but it’s pretty.

Your Candy Heart Says “First Kiss”

You’re a true romantic who brings an innocent hope to each new relationship.
You see the good in every person you date, and you relish each step of falling in love.

Your ideal Valentine’s Day date: a romantic dinner your sweetie cooks for you

Your flirting style: friendly and sweet

What turns you off: cynics who don’t believe in romance

Why you’re hot: you always keep the romance alive

Green Karat: Eco Jewelry

Green Karat – Using recycled gold for ecologically responsible jewelry.

Gold is a very versatile metal. It is malleable and ductile. It’s a good conductor of heat and electricity, immune to tarnish, and resistant to acids. Although these properties make it very useful in industrial applications, 80% of the gold used each year nonetheless goes into jewelry.

While gold is valuable enough to provide an incentive to recycle, significant amounts of gold sit idle, while mining continues at a pace of 2,500 tons a year. In fact, there is enough gold above ground (already mined) to satisfy all demands of the jewelry industry for the next 50 years. Much of it sits in bank vaults and in the form of old and unused jewelry.

Our greater goal at greenKarat is to end destructive gold and diamond mining. We do not, however, strive to force that change through radical activism. While activist organizations play a critically important role in educating and motivating consumers, we believe that widespread and permanent change will ultimately occur through the voice of consumer buying decisions.

Our mission is to provide an ecologically and socially responsible jewelry alternative to those who seek change. We want to help you, in some small way, become part of the permanent solution. Together we can make a difference.

I am Witch, Hear me Roar

One thing that bothers me about people who are into Paganism, particularly Wicca, are the trendy money spenders. Those who forget it’s an Earth religion, not a shopping religion. You do not need robes, goblets, altar tools, athames, jewelry, etc. Being a Witch isn’t about how much stuff you can stack up on an altar it’s about having an altar at all and appreciating and knowing what it’s there for.

You can be a Witch without an altar. It’s the meaning of the altar that matters, not it’s existence. It’s not about spells either. People who focus on spells and magick really peeve me. What is all that but stuff for the tourists. Other than your own personal magick (that comes from within yourself and stays there) any other magick falls the wrong way of harms none.

You may think you’re helping someone but did they ask for help? Even if they did ask how are you helping them? People need to do things for themselves, to learn and to appreciate their own efforts. Helping other people will often backfire and next time they will seek you out instead of doing for themselves. You are their crutch, not their friend. Don’t weaken your friends, let them develop their own magick, inside themselves.

… and you thought only Dragons could roar. 😉

Death by Diet

Day one of a new diet Mom and I are going to work on. Don’t get the idea that I’m a frequent dieter, I don’t do all that counting and scrimping. I’m not some bean counter type. But, Mom really wants to do this so I’m trying it.

Day one and I nearly died at work. I managed to keep going almost the whole six hours but then I was feeling so awful I thought about driving myself to the hospital. I just didn’t want to feel stupid when they tell me (an hour later) that my blood sugar is low from not eating enough today. It’s not a starvation diet. All the fruit and vegetable soup you can stand to eat, that was the plan for today. But, I was hungry all day and my period started at work. That’s when I began crashing. By the time I left work the supervisor said I was looking kind of green. I was a mess. If that ever happens again I will not try to drive home again either. I was half fainting as I drove.

Anyway, the diet itself is quite nice. Plenty of vegetables which I like. Then there are a couple of days when you have 20 oz. of steak/ beef. I don’t think I could eat that much. Not unless it’s really rare the way I love it. Even then, that’s a lot of meat. But, to get to the beef and tomatoes day there are 2 more days of vegetables and soup. One day of just soup, bananas and skim milk. I don’t really care for bananas.

I’m still hungry now but I just don’t want to eat. I start work at 8 in the morning and I think I’m in jewelry again. I’m definitely going home early if I feel wretched again. But, I’ll cheat and get buttermilk at the grocery store before I try driving anywhere. How awful it would have been to have an accident with another car tonight. You never know who’s in the other cars on the road. What they’re going through.

"For snorters, smokers and sex maniacs"

Sometimes it takes perseverance to find what you are looking for online. Usually I have good luck with that. The secret is finding just the right term/ phrase to search for. Once you hit it right you will have tons of links to sift through. Meanwhile you have tons of dross to try to figure out.

Tonight I’m looking for a business which makes jewellry (necklaces, earrings, etc) out of wood, seeds and anything else along those natural Earthy lines. I found a site which falls into Kareems interests. “For snorters, smokers and sex maniacs” Not that Kareem is a sex maniac, as far as I know. 🙂

Anyway, still looking for my own link. That seed jewelry, you know.