Poinsettias to Shine Up To

There are a few things I look for in a poinsettia to wear for Christmas. One, is the red colour. It has to be bright, cheery and really, sincerely red. The next is size, something a bit too small won’t work for a poinsettia. It wants to be large and glamorous. Beyond that, it needs to actually look like a poinsettia, not a daisy or a chrysanthemum or some anonymous flower. This first poinsettia from Christmas Tree Hill (above) has all of those features. Take a look at the matching ring too. The only thing missing are the green outside leaves and it should be yellow/ green in the centre. But, I love the red on this one so much I can over look the other small things.

This one, from Cat Fancy Gifts, also has matching ear rings. It doesn’t have the same red but it really looks like a poinsettia, better than most of those I looked at. I think most jewelry of flowers is made too rigidly to a pattern than randomly the way nature designs them. This was the best one for the way the poinsettia looks. It looks like a real poinsettia! (They have a really nice holly too).

Uno Alla Volta has this poinsettia and matching earrings too. The design and the colour are great. I like it a lot but I don’t quite love it. Take a look at the poinsettia ring which they also have, not matching this set but very shiny and bright.

I will have to keep looking for my perfect poinsettia. I love online window shopping!

Sparkling Rhinestone Sunflower

I know it’s not summer. You don’t have to remind me. I can see the snow outside my window and hear the wind blowing against the house. Here I am though, thinking of other seasons when I admired nature from the other side of my windows.  This sunflower brooch is from Lilien Czech. I think the colours give it an antique look, a patina. Pretty classy for a sunflower.

Looking for a Vanilla Orchid to Wear

I know we should be gearing up for Christmas decorating, fashions and shopping. But, I’ve been inspired to find a vanilla orchid brooch. They are such fancy little flowers and I see them so often, each time I buy my favourite coffee, ice cream, and so on. I am a vanilla whore. I also adore caramel and if chocolate becomes involved… well, let’s just say I’m happy.

So I got the idea to look for something like a vanilla orchid that I could wear.

These (from Love is a Rose) are pretty but not what I had in mind exactly. I think I just want something in the right colour, that creamy off-white, with maybe the slightest touch of pale rose. I really like the look of these. I’d be happy to wear a row of three or five of them. You could line them up like your own personal orchid garden right on your shirt.

This one sold at auction with Christies and was created by Tiffany and Co. It’s wonderful but, more orchid than I had in mind. I was thinking of something simpler. This is an orchid I would wear like a corsage.

This one was also sold through Christies. Created by Rene Boivin with diamonds and citrine. This one may just be the winner, not because it was the orchid I had in mind but because it is far too glamorous and sparkly to be denied.

If you just want an orchid of a certain botanical type, you will find it at Elegant Orchid. They don’t have gemstones but they are detailed and beautiful by design.

Is That a Fly…?

Glamor isn’t always about the standard pretty things like hearts and flowers and cupcakes. Glamour can have a bit of spirit, an edge and a dash of… something that makes you itchy and want to wash your hands.

This fly is from Lilien Czech and it’s actually a button, the type you sew on your sweater. Assuming you can sew. If you can’t, then it’s a good time to start learning. Sewing on a button is a way to get started.