Ghostly Haunted Ontario

This is mainly a link farm while I work on putting the sites I have found into a web directory on this domain. Haunted Ontario
The Toronto and Ontario Ghost and Hauntings Research Society
Terry Boyle: Haunted Ontario
The Haunted Walk: Kingston and Ottawa, Ontario.
Burlington Ghost Researchers
Haunted Hamilton
Whitby Ghost Walks
Ghost Tours of Niagara
Flickr: Ghosts of the Niagara Region
Haunted Ottawa
Canadian Haunters Association
Suite101 by Jason Gray: Tales of Haunted Ontario
Wikipedia: Ghost Towns in Ontario
Abandoned Ontario: Haunted Houses in Ontario
Facebook: Most Haunted Places in Ontario
St. Thomas Elgin Paranormal Society
Facebook: London Ontario Ghost Squad
Paranormal Knights of London
Spirit Matters for Durham Region
Paranormal Toronto

Canadian Links:

CBC Digital Archives: Halloween and Tales of Canadian Ghosts
Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada
The Halloween Project: Celebrating all things Halloween in Canada.
Canadian Haunters Convention.
Ghost Towns
Ghost Town
Haunted Sites in North America: Haunted Sites in Canada by Province

Just a Midnight Nap

Just finished reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I like stories about alternate civilizations/ societies/ flockings of humanity. This one gives a London underground, people living a different fantasy culture beneath, above and unseen around the standard London, UK. I liked it. Will think about something to draw for it later in the day, after a midnight nap.

reBOOT Canada

reBOOT Canada

If you need a computer and can scrape up $75 you can get one through Reboot. They have places in Toronto, London, Peterborough and Montreal. This is the main site. The computers are not top of the line, ready for the latest games and downloading huge files – you get a computer for emailing and such. Enough computer for your buck.