Blog Fodder: Coffee Funnel Thing

Blog Fodder: What is the best kitchen gadget that you own that you can’t live without?

I don’t have gadgets. Just a pink can opener, a microwave and the one cup coffee filter/ funnel thing that I used for…. coffee making. No high tech involved. But the coffee thing is my favourite, one I miss now that it is packed up for moving. I’m going out for coffee these days or just doing without until I can unpack it all again.

3 Beautiful Things Today

  1. It was sunny and hot outside but I was hiding out in the basement apartment where it is lovely and cool.

    2. I watched “Twice in a Lifetime” on TV this afternoon. It’s a really nice show where get to go back and try to fix their lives. A Canadian show which (as happens to anything nice from Canadian TV) did not survive a long time on air. I’m glad CTV put them on in reruns.

    3. I started my period today but I don’t have any cramps, boob pinching and not even a zit. Nice for a change.

    Three Beautiful Things

Three Beautiful Things

At Three Beautiful Things she records three things that gave her pleasure each day.

My three things:

I tweezered out yet another annoying chin hair. One I could feel but could not yet grab yesterday.

Today is the draw for $40 million in the lottery. I will get out to get a ticket, in case I should win.

It’s another hot cooker of a day outside but I live in the basement apartment where it is pleasantly cool.