Canadian Blog Awards

Canadian Blog Awards

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Join the discussion about the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards.

Nominations are open starting today. This is the second year for the awards, you can see the 2004 winners.

Best Blog
Best Liberal Blog: for blogs that are politically left.
Best Conservative Blog: for blogs that are politically right.
Best New Blog: for blogs that started in 2005.
Best Group Blog
Best Humour Blog
Best Photo Blog
Best Culture Blog: for blogs about art, literature, movies, music, etc.
Best Personal Blog
Best Media Blog: for blogs by professionals in the media.
Best Business Blog
Best Religious Blog
Best Sports Blog
Best Blog Post: For an individual post by a blogger.
Best Blog Post Series: For a series of posts that relate to each other.

All blogs authored by a Canadian citizen, living at home or abroad, or any foreign national residing in Canada are eligible for nomination in the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards. A blog may be nominated for more than one category. Nominated blogs that clearly do not fit a particular category however, will not be listed.

There will be two rounds of voting. The first round will consist of all blogs nominated in each category and the second will consist of the 5 blogs in each category that receive the most votes in round 1.

Someday My Prince Will Come….

Sing it!

Today my brain is on big band music and something my exhusband used to do which is too yucky to write about. They are not connected. Neither is my brain.

Now back to the music channel. Jazz and the big bands, all day. Wish you could hear it. Of course there are dancers too. Swing dancing, some of those 20’s flappers too and as always, the figure skaters. Seems the swing dancers and flappers come out for the wind instruments. On days when it’s classical music, especially if there’s a cello involved… ummm, the dancing is much more mellow and slow.

If I hadn’t been too lazy to plug in the radio I would have missed it.

Bitch Club

Bitch Club: “Bitch Club is the premiere webring for outspoken, intelligent women with something to say.

Ever surf the ‘net looking for women as opinionated and articulate as you are? Get stuck forever while pages take hours to load blinking flashing pictures of teddy bears dancing under rainbows in the green green meadow while soft happy hamster dance music plays in the background?

Us too.

Bitch Club is the anti-webring for modern women bloggers. Even if we’ve got something to say about nothing at all, chances are it’s more interesting and engaging than most of the fluff that passes for internet entertainment these days.”

I can’t join. I like some of that fluffy stuff!

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