I Want a Bedroom Redesign

1189This has me thinking about moving my bed that way. Would I have more space or not? Hmmmm.

It’s complicated by the fact that my bedroom is also my home office and pretty much everything else except the kitchen and bathroom. Luckily the laundry isn’t in here too.

via – 27 Eye-Catching Traditional Bedroom Designs That Will Enhance Your Home Design | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design.

National Regifting Day

National Regifting Day
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Regift

In honor of holiday office parties and the “unique” gifts exchanged at them, the creators of Regiftable.com have declared the third Thursday in December as National Regifting Day.

This date is particularly appropriate since, according to our unscientific research, the third Thursday of December it is the most common day for a holiday office party. And, according to our very scientific research, 4 in 10 regifters (41%) target coworkers as the recipients of their regifts.

We’d like to suggest that you bring regifting out of the supply closet and turn your gift exchange into a regifting party. In case you are hesitant to break tradition, you can rest assured that the majority (60%) of people think that regifting is becoming more accepted; the top two reasons are to save some green.

25% believe that regifting is becoming more accepted because it is a way to save on holiday expenses.
14% believe that regifting is becoming more accepted because it is a method of recycling.
Q: What’s slightly used and green all over?
A: A regift, of course!

It’s also my birthday.

What happens | Scrapclub


the bottom line is that we supply you with sledgehammers, crowbars, bats and pipes to destroy various household objects such as tvs, washing machines, cookers, computers, musical instruments, office furniture and the occasional car….all the objects are sourced from the streets (usually dumped) and/or are donated to us as useless objects beyond their original use….everything destroyed is scrap…if it works we don’t use it….safety is of course paramount so you will be provided with professional safety equipment such as goggles, helmets and gloves (professional first-aiders are always on hand just in case)…..names are chosen randomly, 10 people at a time get 10 minutes in the `scrap pit’ and everybody gets a turn….

Back Online Again

I’m back. I had no Internet this week. My modem fried and Bell can’t replace it at any of their offices, though there are several in town. So I changed to Rogers and had to wait till today to be set up again. If the modem dies you can take it to a Rogers office and get it replaced that day. Seems stupid for Bell to have offices to just sell cell phones instead of letting people replace equipment too.

Nice to be back online I missed being able to look up bits of things and checking my bank account. Funny how little things stand out more than the bigger things. But, I could have been due a mini break to refresh and get new ideas.


It’s the 19th, a month away from my birthday. One of the women at work seems to enjoy poking my age at me. It’s different being the oldest (or one of the oldest) at work these days. At school and all my early jobs I was the youngest. Grew up the oldest of four kids and yet I started school that few months early cause of my December birthday. Quit school later on and became a 16 year old working full time in an office full of adults. Sometime later I went to college as a mature student. I wasn’t much older than the other students and there were two other women who were older, Mother’s of children and married as well. I didn’t feel I was old, just somewhere in between the two age groups. At work at Zellers I wasn’t the oldest, somewhere in the middle there too.