Christmas Flowers

Apparently you can order a whole Christmas tree, complete with lights and ornaments, from Sears Florists. They are all sold out now so I couldn’t get more information than the photo on the site. Kind of odd to think of getting a tree that way. What happens to it after Christmas? Can you just return the whole thing to Sears?

I was looking at Christmas flowers. Mainly because I keep seeing ads for them on so many websites and blogs. This one was at Sears too.

Probable Doomage

I feel wiped out. Graham is bringing the car tomorrow night or the next morning. So I can try the road test again. But, though it has the safety done that light for the ABS is still on and I am afraid that the tester will use that as a reason not to let me even start. That will mess up everything in so many ways. At least Graham is doing the car now. I had pretty much given up on all of it this past week. Still, really need to be handed the key before I have real faith in it actually happening. I don’t have a good feeling about the road test. But, it’s important. I have to get that back and give myself a chance to get through it and to the other side.

Funny how it ended up being on my birthday. Most birthdays I don’t feel concerned about the year, the mileage. But, this year I am a bit more aware of it. Partly cause I seem to be the oldest (or very nearly) person at work. It bothers me. Like I’m not where I should be, don’t fit in and all of that stuff. It makes me feel older too. I’ve been thinking more about those damned grey hairs, everyday I look at them in the mirror before I head off to work.

What can you do but keep putting one foot in front of the other? I can’t make it all work out and I can’t turn off how I feel but I can keep going forward, or as forward as I can. Nothing is ever so simple as a solid, straight line.

I might get my tree started tomorrow. I can at least pull out the box with the tree and whatever decorations I can find from the closet, basement and the dresser where I bought a couple of new tree ornaments. I miss when we used to make our own ornaments from felt. Maybe that is something else I can do once I am not reliant on buses. I’m sure I can find a crafty store with a supply of felt and sewing notions.

Watching The Princess Bride tonight. I was surprised they played it twice in a row tonight on Vision TV. I thought I had just missed it when I got home tonight.

The Moulin Rouge Christmas Tree

I went downtown to the Eatons Centre yesterday. Looked at a lot of the Christmas decorations for sale. It was pretty disappointing. A lot of that stuff isn’t any better quality than the Dollar Store. The Bay had a really nice display with fireplaces, red carpeting and so on. But there was not one thing I was really tempted to buy for my Xmas tree. Most of their stuff were those really fragile Xmas balls. Not a smart choice to sell in a store where most people are traveling by bus and subway for long distances. How many of those pretty, fancy balls make it home with them, in one piece? I did see a Christmas tree for sale there that was pretty unique. Would you buy a musky pink coloured Xmas tree?

The branches were kind of dry and scratchy like straw. I thought they would be softer. The colour was really nice but I’m not sure I’d want it for a Xmas tree. If you wanted to be really different it would be nice with white or ivory coloured ornaments and decorations. It would look exotic in all red decorations and ornaments.

Hmm… now I’m starting to like it. 🙂